Pole Fitness: More Than Its Stereotype

By Emily Pascavis When you think about fitness routines and associated health benefits, pole fitness is probably not one of the first things to enter your mind. Set aside the stigma and stereotypes associated with the word “pole” in our culture and allow me to show you the great things pole fitness has to offer.…
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Kids’ Peaceful Practice Turns Into Panicked Parents

By Lexy Karvonen I love practicing yoga. My sister practices yoga. And her preschool-age kids – my cute niece and nephew – do yoga on their own small mats and even lay and meditate with crystals for their quiet time. “If every 8-year-old in the world was taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the…
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Swing Your Way Downtown And Dance

By Emily Pascavis Ladies, have you ever wanted to be swung around on the dance floor? Gentlemen, have you ever wanted to spin and twirl a pretty lady on the dance floor? Join the fun of the Fargo Swing Dance events and learn how. The next event is May 12 from 7 p.m. to 11…
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A Dive Bar For The College Crowd

By Shelley Sibley Like no other bar in Moorhead, Mick’s Office dishes up character, mostly from its employees. And its customers – plenty of Moorhead State and Concordia College students — have been basking in the dive-bar’s friendly vibe for 60 years. At 10 S. Eighth St. in downtown Moorhead, Mick’s is always poppin’ no…
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The Search For Gluten-free Food Starts On Broadway

By Mattie Hanson Can’t think of what to make for dinner tonight? Why not go out to eat so you don’t have to cook and do the dishes? Let someone else worry about it. Going out to eat at new, trendy places on Broadway should be fun, but finding a place that fits your specific…
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