Art And The Living

By Theresa Floer 
MSUM PR major 

Butt in the air, palms and soles flat to the ground and head in-between outstretched arms. This is downward dog, a common yoga pose that stretches human body-building strength and increases flexibility. From beginner poses, like the downward dog, to more advanced poses yoga has been called art of the living.

The gallery/studio at 216 Broadway in Fargo has become known for combining living art with fine art. Brother and sister Mark and Brenda Weiler are the creative forces behind Ecce.

She the yoga side; he the art portion. The gallery’s name holds an interesting meaning. The name is a palindrome, a word that is a mirror of two letters.

To look
Ecce is a Latin word that means “to look.” In celebration of its name, Ecce surrounds visitors with visually appealing creations that excite the senses and challenge thought. Artwork comes from regional, national and international artists. The gallery’s collection is a diverse, from paintings to pottery.

Recently, Ecce celebrated the opening of a new wing called Ecce Contemporary. At the expansion celebration, those present met Ecce’s newest artist, xxxxxxx xxxxxx (need artist’s name and type of artwork.). The new wing is dedicated to solo shows by local and regional artists.

The two spaces that make up Ecce flow together in promotion of both art and wellness.

To be well
While practicing the art of the living, yoga enthusiasts at Ecce are surrounded by art. The atmosphere allows for both physical and mental health to be achieved.

“Yoga, is great,” said Gretchen Hanson, an MSUM student and yoga beginner. “I am not only building strength and flexibility but I am also building mental strength.”
Yoga is a growing in popularity because of what it does for people both physically and mentally.
“During yoga we concentrate on breathing to build mental strength, which is the reason I feel so much less stressed once I leave the class,” said Hanson.

A friendly atmosphere

Art, physical wellbeing and mental health are not the only reasons to go to Ecce.

“I go to yoga because I want to increase my flexibility,” said another MSUM student and yoga beginner, Kathryne Breid. “But, I also go because it’s something I do with my friends.”

Ecce is not a stuffy studio; it’s a place where friends can converse and laugh. Ecce offers beginner yoga classes like the one Hanson and Breid are taking. However, for yoga practitioners more advanced than the downward dog, Ecce offers intermediate and advanced classes.

The correct combination
The Weilers, it seems, have found the correct combination at Ecce. They promote local, regional, and international artists. They help downtowners and downtown visitors achieve physical and mental health and they bring friends together.

“I like the idea of combining art and yoga,” said Hanson.
“It would make going to yoga so much more interesting,” Breid said.
To add to this combination, Ecce is in a great location in the midst of the newly lively Broadway and surrounding streets.

“After going to yoga, I like to relax further with a hot cup of coffee,” says Breid. Upon finishing yoga at Ecce, Brenda Weiler’s students are only strides away from a hot cup of coffee at several coffee shops, or a fresh sandwich at any of a dozen plus cafes or restaurants or even shopping.


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