Elephants Parade On Broadway

By Ashley Wirtzfeld and Misty Irving
MSUM Mass Comm Majors

On March 18, the El Zagal Shrine Circus kicked off its annual performances in downtown Fargo by giving audiences a preview of what was to come over the weekend. People of all ages waited in anticipation to see elephants walk Broadway. The parade, which had not occurred in a few years, started shortly after 6 p.m.

Despite the chilly wind and temperature, people of all ages gather in downtown Fargo to watch “Elephants on Broadway,” a parade to kick off a weekend of the El Zagal Shrine Circus.

While some people were braving the elements, others sneak into the system of skywalks overlooking Broadway and Second Avenue North to enjoy the circus parade.

Children eagerly await the start of the parade and for their chance to see elephants walking the streets. Kids enjoyed the parade as a prelude to the Shrine Circus’ performances all weekend.

Protesters meander through the crowded streets during the parade. Robert Pausch and Jeff Larson hoisted signs that pleaded with people to bring to an end “a lifetime of misery” and to “stop animal cruelty.”

The El Zagal Shrine Circus’ ringleader greets onlookers of the parade. Other circus performers were featured in the parade as well.

El Zagal Shriners drive a funny car down Second Avenue North during their “Elephants on Broadway” parade event.

A Shriner rides his Harley motorcycle down Broadway. A fleet of eight motorcyclists performed stunts for the crowd.

A young boy stares at a clown warily as his mother attempts to convince him to shake his hand. Several clowns walked along the parade route greeting onlookers.

Children rush into the streets in a desperate dash to pick up candy that was tossed during the parade.

A pair of tigers is led through the parade route near the end of the procession. Other animals, such as a pig and miniature horses, were also featured during the parade.

Elephants march dutifully downtown as spectators gawk in wonder.

The two-block parade lasted 20 minutes, starting at Fourth Avenue North and ending at Second Avenue North. It featured funny cars, clowns, motorcyclists, circus performers, elephants, tigers and miniature horses.

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