Living On The River’s Edge

By Ben Karkela

During the flood of 2010, people flocked to the Main Avenue Bridge to check out the murky water of the Red River rising higher and higher. What also caught people’s attention was a new structure along the river that had also been slowly rising in Moorhead since spring 2009.

The structure is the new Riverfront Apartment Complex on Second Avenue South, which plans on opening in July.

The Riverfront Apartments overlook the Red River and Woodlawn Park.

Great view, no flood risk
Despite the close proximity to the river, the apartments are in no danger of being flooded.

Most people who watched the flood along the Main Avenue Bridge probably noticed how high the water was at the base of the apartments.

Project Supervisor Tyler Blaine said the flood had no ill effects on the construction of the apartments. They are built close to the river but at a much higher elevation. A retaining wall keeps the apartments and underground parking safe and dry.

Living with a view of the river ranges from $700 to $1,300 per month
Riverfront contains 52 separate apartments available for rent. The majority of them are either one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments, though a few three-bedroom apartments are available.

One-bedroom apartments run from $700 to 775 per month. Two-bedroom apartments run from $950 to 975 per month. Three-bedroom apartments range from $1,275-1,300 per month.

The most expensive apartments are on the top floor and feature wood-frame ceilings and, of course, a better view.

The Red River poses no threat to the new apartments.

Just a walk away
A wide range of people occupy the adjacent apartments near Riverfront.  Realtor Carrie Lynnes expects the same with the new apartments.

"We’ve got people of all ages," Lynnes said. "Most people enjoy the atmosphere. Everything that you need is at your fingertips."

Tenants at Riverfront will be within walking distance of everything from fine dining to greasy take-out pizza to a grocery store. They can soak up the sun at Woodlawn Park or head across the street to Soulista for lessons in yoga or Pilates.

So far 10 of the new apartments have been spoken for. An open house will be held on the completed first floor of Riverfront on May 22. People are welcome to come and take a look at the apartments for the first time.

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