Moorhead Mall makes a comeback

By Kelsie O’Keefe
Mass Comm. Major

Photos by Amita Manandar

Four new businesses opened in the Moorhead Center Mall in just the last month, offering even more options and services to the F-M area.

Bucking economy trend

For the first time in years, the Moorhead Center Mall is at 90 percent store occupancy. With the recent opening of Furniture for Less, Glik’s, Raptor PCS, and Thai Orchid, they now accommodate over 25 stores and professional service providers.

“We’ve focused our efforts to find a good mix of tenants that can provide a variety of new stores for our guests,” Jeremy Horst, Moorhead Center Mall’s leasing director, said.

Though, according to the Press of Atlantic City, vacancy rates have hit a 10-year high at regional malls, the Moorhead Center Mall seems to be kicking this trend.

Glik’s chooses Moorhead Center Mall

Glik's clothing store brings a modern edge to the mall.

Glik’s, which opened in the Moorhead Center Mall in early August, is a men and women’s trendy clothing store with 53 locations in the mid-west. The Moorhead store is one of its most recently opened locations.

“We feel good about the comeback for Moorehead’s mall,” Jeff Glik, CEO/president of Glik’s, said. “It’s a good location with two colleges close by. Also, the fact that Minnesota has tax-free (clothing) pulls in business.”

No sales tax on clothing and shoes is a big draw for many area shoppers that the Fargo Westacres Mall can’t offer.

Less is more

Furniture For Less is now the largest furniture store in Moorhead.

The Moorhead Center Mall is also home to what is now Moorhead’s largest furniture store, Furniture for Less. Though they weren’t looking to expand, Horst contacted them about the available space and it seems the deal was too good to pass up.

“The location was far enough away from our other store, there’s no sales tax and we can now better service the Moorhead, Dilworth, Lakes regions,” owner Darrell Hansen said.

Open for over a month now, Hansen is pleased with his decision to open the 30,000 square-foot store in the Moorhead Center Mall.

Customers walk around the spacious store.

“It’s been phenomenal,” Hansen said.

Horst and the Moorhead Center Mall are still working to provide more food options to Mall visitors, whether it be a kiosk that offers coffee or a new restaurant that serves soup and sandwiches for lunch.

More to come?

These requests have already been heard.

Local business men Michael Miller and Tyler Pelischek have shown interest in one of the open locations.

“It’s just a great location for a new business,” Pelischek said. “Everyone knows where you’re talking about when you say ‘in the Moorhead Center Mall.’”

Miller and Pelischek are attempting to revive and reinvent the fading era of arcade entertainment.

Their plan is to provide mall guests and employees with coffee, breakfast and lunch during the day, and draw in area youth in the evening with video entertainment and comfy furniture.

“The F-M area doesn’t offer much for the under 21 crowd,” Miller said. “We want to change that and offer a fun, drug and alcohol-free environment that’s as comfortable as home without the feeling of being stuck at home.”

The location will offer Playstation, Xbox, Wii and other video entertainment games hooked-up to big screen TVs, along with various food and drink options throughout the day.

Spaces are still available in the mall, says Horst.

Encouraged to stop in

Horst and the Moorhead Center Mall are working with local and national retailers to fill the remaining spaces in the months to come. They encourage everyone to stop in to see the new changes throughout the Mall and to enjoy no sales tax on clothing and shoes.

Though mall properties nationwide are struggling to gain new tenants, the Moorhead Center Mall has a lot to offer and there seems to be more to come.


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  1. This is great – I don’t hav eto drive to West Fargo to shop at a furniture store I like. Gliks is a fun store that I have seen elsewhere. Glad to have them. We still need a bookstore in Moorhead – anyone?

  2. This is great – I don’t have to drive to West Fargo to shop at a furniture store I like. Gliks is a fun store that I have seen elsewhere. Glad to have them. We still need a bookstore in Moorhead – anyone?

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