Take Back The Night Gives Hope

A commentary on taking back the night

by Stephanie Entinger

English/mass communications major

Bags decorated by rally participants lined the shelter.

A rally in the park. Voices for change. A march to raise awareness.  Take Back the Night once again advocates for national peace from domestic violence and gives voice to those who would make a difference in the local community.

Victims remembered at reading

The Fargo-Moorhead’s annual Take Back the Night rally gives voices to men, women and children who have been the victims of domestic violence. At Oak Grove Park the names of the victims of domestic assault in North Dakota and Minnesota were read. Those 36 deaths are sobering.  The echoes of the speakers’ voices resounded in the park’s shelter as the audience listened to the names of people who died and those they left behind.

Procession provides hope for marchers

Students prepare to march back to the college campuses.

Uplifting and powerful, rally members participated in marching to the MSUM, Concordia, MSCTC and NDSU campuses. Cheers sounded thorough the streets as participants demonstrated for an end to violence. Cries of “What do we want? Safe streets. When do we want them? Now” sounded throughout the march. Others chose to march in silence. Drivers honked their support as they passed.  Chants remained robust through even downtown Moorhead as patrons at Dairy Queen looked on in silence.

Drunk man’s words leaves little effect on marchers

Even with a drunk man on 8th Street in Moorhead calling the marchers obscene names, the overall feeling of the rally was one of community and optimism. Marchers simply ignored the remarks and kept on marching with heads and signs held high. “Stop the Assault” and “Survivors Unite, Take Back the Night” chants will play through my head as a reminder that my voice can make all the difference in ending domestic violence.

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