Fargo’s Farmer’s Market Still Going Strong

Repairs to the sewer on Second Street have limited access to Dike East Park

On Thursday, Aug. 26, the riverside section of Second Street between Main Avenue and Fourth Street South was closed by the city in order to repair a storm sewer that has taken damage from last year’s flood.  Despite the road construction, the Fargo Farmer’s Market is still open and thriving. Several local vendors set up shop every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. at the Dike East Park along the banks of the Red River.

From watermelons to dog bones, there’s something for everyone

“It gets better every year,” said Bill Erbes of Colfax, N.D. Erbes is in his 24th year at the market selling watermelons, tomatoes and several vegetables.

Brienna Hoban and the Breadsmith tent

A local Breadsmith franchise, which opened in Fargo in October 2002, made its return for its second year at the market. Owned by Rob and Vicki Roberts, the bakery offers several different kinds of fresh baked breads, granola, buns, biscuits and even “dog bones.”

Breadsmith "Dog Bones"

“They are made from over-proofed French bread and they are actually for dogs,” said Breadsmith representative Brienna Hoban.

The varieties of Blue House products

The Blue House also returned to the market this year. Run by Bill and Dolores Halverson in Western Minnesota, The Blue House specializes in making various jams, jellies, barbeque sauces and salsas.

A small diversion proves to have little effect on business

“(The road construction) held back business for a few days, but now it’s getting back to normal,” said Bill Halverson.

Not everyone shares Halverson’s opinion. When asked if the road construction had any impact on business, a representative of Driscol Farms from Glyndon, Minn. said “Yes. Huge.” The Driscol family has had one of the busiest tents at the market for 27 years.

“I think it affects business a little, but the diehard people make it down here,” said Garnet Kanne of Ortonville, Minn. Kanne suffered a stroke early this year and didn’t get his full crop in on time, only bringing melons with him to Fargo. “Got to go with what you got,” he said.

The sewer repair is expected to be finished as the market ends in early October.

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