Cruisin’ Broadway With National Muffler Store Downtown

National Muffler's "Cruisin' Broadway"
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The finale of National Muffler’s “Cruisin’ Broadway” was held on Sept. 16, 2010. Cruisin’ Broadway, saw the most number of participants with 378 registered cars this year. The event was held on the first Thursdays of the each month this summer.

National Muffler Store, Downtown Fargo

The National Muffler and auto repair store is a manufacturing company, wholesaler and distributer for car mufflers in the region. The store has been organizing Crusin’ Broadway for last six years.

Terry Lindemoen, who is the owner of the store located in downtown Fargo said, “The National Muffler Store has been around for 30 years. I have owned it for the last eight years now. I used to work for the business as a CPA (certified public accountant) but I ended up buying it.”

The turnout

“This year we had at least about two thousand spectators. August was the month with the most number of spectators. We had about two to five hundred cars. Some car owners came all the way  from New Mexico and Arizona” – Jed Pahan, Event Coordinator.

Pahan came on board about two and a half years ago and primarily works for Downtown Community Partnership. Car owners who want to participate could bring their cars and sign up to take part in the show.

Valued support from the Downtown Community

The National Muffler’s “Cruisin’ Broadway” had valued support from the downtown community including:

  • U.S. Bank
  • City of Fargo
  • City of Fargo Police Department
  • Parking Services
  • North Dakota Street Rod Association
  • Bergseth Brothers Co. Inc. : Schlitz Beer
  • Mojo 104.7 FM
  • Sam Olson and Fargo Downtowner
  • Antique Stores, Retailers and Restaurants

The Cars

The participants seemed excited to bring their cars to the show. The event fetched classic cars from all around the country to downtown Fargo. This attracted car enthusiasts and curious spectators to downtown fargo.

Darlene Myer, a participant, who owns a 1957 Chrysler Saratoga, said, “We’ve had the car in our family since back in the 1960s and so it’s always been with us, and now we are enjoying it.”

Forest Alder from Lake Park, Minnesota, who owns a 1950 MG-TD Model, said,” This is a car that brought road racing to the U.S., go to work during the week and raced them on the weekends that’s about it, this is a little race car here.”

Pahan says, “the planning for the event starts in advance around January or February.” The show was targeted towards kids, college students and families and turned out to be a great success.

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