The Tomahawk Fly

The birds chirp and the wind whips through the open field. After three days of downpour Jake Torrison, a Concordia senior, is ready to make his first throw on the Frisbee golf course in Woodlawn Park. He cranks his arm back behind his head with Frisbee in hand, like he’s throwing a baseball, and lets it fly. The Frisbee shoots high into the sky then floats swooping from side to side downward until it strikes the ground and continues to roll up next to the hole. Jake has deemed his original style the tomahawk.

Why tomahawk?

“Why not?” said Torrison, “I can throw it over 50 yards farther than when I sidearm it and it’s always more accurate.”

This is obviously an upside and yet it’s a style hardly ever seen on the Frolf course.

“It’s difficult to do,” said Brock Tostenson, one of Torrison’s classmates and Frolfing partners, “I’m better off throwing two throws sidearm than trying ten times overhand and getting one to work.”

Torrison admits that being a collegiate baseball player is an advantage when it comes to the tomahawk throw.

Tomahawk: Jake Torrison’s step-by-step guide:

  1. Grab the bottom of the Frisbee using your pointer and middle finger
  2. Use your thumb to grasp the outside of the Frisbee
  3. Wind up like you’re throwing a baseball
  4. Release when your arm is just past your head
  5. Let the Frisbee slide off your middle finger
  6. And watch it fly!

The allure to Frolf

The different Frolfers are dynamic. Families teaching their children and adults looking to get some exercise can be found up and down the course, but the majority of Frolfers fall into the young adult category.

“I do it because it’s cheap,” said Torrison as his group of four agrees with him laughingly, “it also helps me burn off a few calories after a weekend at Micks.”

Dry means maybe just a drop

But not all Frolfers are in it for the exercise, which is apparent by the beer cans littered around the course and the kids digging into their bags and taking a cool sip while the sun beats down on their group.

Although the ‘no alcohol’ signs are clearly posted, many Frolfers will sneak a drink here and there on the course.

“I don’t really see anything wrong with it so long as they play at a steady pace and put their cans in the garbage,” said Tostenson.

Frolf is here to stay

The Frolf culture is constantly growing, fueled by cheap exercise and fun.

Although the Frolf crowd is currently dominated by collegiate boys there is no reason adults can’t do it too, said Torrison, “I plan on Frolfing after I graduate. It’s a good time.”

Whether you’re an experienced Frolfer looking to try the tomahawk or a beginner just looking for something free and fun, Woodlawn Park awaits you.


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  1. Nick Olsen

    “Jake has deemed his original style the tomahawk.”
    Please, lets not give Jake all the credit here.
    While the Tomahawk is especially unique looking, and not used by many, it was far from being invented by ‘Jake in 2010’.

    I do like that you used the word ‘Frolf’ though, I’ve come to realize that this is a VERY midwest term. People here on the West coast HATE it… which makes it even more fun to say. haha

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