Downtown, Up Close And Personal: A Photographic Saga

Text and photos by Zach Kobrinsky

Anyone who has been downtown or even lived in Fargo has seen the typical downtown visual icons, or dare I say, clichés. You know the ones: the Fargo Theatre marquee, the fountain at the train depot, the antiquated black clock that bears the word Fargo across the top, the old immobilized train engine, the barren Broadway strip contrasted with the populous epicenters of Paris, London and Moscow.

There exists a plethora of visually stimulating imagery in the downtown area beyond the stereotypical, but sometimes you have to look a little closer to find it. If you look hard enough, a world of living, breathing art peers out from the decrepit cracks and untrodden alleyways.

The dead tendrils of a once flourishing vine effervescently cling to brick behind Zandbroz Variety on the Roberts Street side.
A caulk formation looms ominously over the heads of passersby.
Commuter limbo.
Words of encouragement left on an arbitrary Dumpster by an unknown artist.
Fargo's red light district.
A downtown derelict alley teems with the leavings of a secret pigeon society.
An inexplicably vibrant ball of lint, about a foot in diameter, nestles into the urban landscape.
A fallen sign post lies harmoniously atop a rusted-out I-beam in the ABC bookstore parking lot. Never remove from box.
The dilapidated remnants of a street side pillar on 4th Ave N.
Trickles of rain and garbage grease paint downtown Dumpsters red with oxidation.
Don’t go toward the light.
Is it live or is it Memorex? Another find in the ABC bookstore parking lot.
Another tree in the concrete jungle.

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