Spirit Room Gallery Offers Art For All

A commentary
Photos by Amita Manandhar

Exploring the inner child

Gallery two of the Spirit Room on Broadway has fewer art but is the more intense display exhibited with Mandal Mertz’s “Heaps of Hues.” Vivid colors with curved lines easily justify the artist’s statement of trying to achieve, “childlike wonder and fantasy.”

"Heaps of Hues" exhibit.

Yellows, blues, and greens predominated the color palette. Hills and soft, wispy lines are reminisce of childhood fantasy. These paintings held my attention as I tried to tell stories about each piece. Drawn to the bright colors, viewers’ attention will be held interpreting the various paintings.

Proportion show plays with mind

Gallery three, the lotus room, is in the works to become another gallery in the Spirit Room. A wide, open floor plan gives room for more exhibits in the future. The low, chocolate-colored ceilings are almost a work of art in themselves. Currently “Play with Proportions” is on view. Suitably named, various artists were asked to create art that played with proportions. In one piece the artist is dwarfed by the brushes and palette that surround her. Others are more abstract but all play with proportions in one way or another. Viewers can guess the meaning of a woman with multiple faces or can just wander the gallery and soak in the creative use of proportions.

"Play with Proportions" art piece.

Atmosphere settles nerves

The Spirit Room Gallery, located at the top of a flight of stairs, comes across as feng shui. Background music plays quietly enough so the sound does not interfere with the musings of the viewers. The open floor of gallery one leaves ample room to wander. A big plus in any type of art gallery, chairs lined the walls providing seating for those who choose to take their time and contemplate art or who need to rest their feet. The gallery is large enough to allow for bands, literature readings and bridal parties. People can freely move around to the various galleries and get a feel for the Spirit Room. The type of art ranges from photography to paintings and illustrations. Viewers are sure to see a diverse range of art when there.

Staff works with artists

Dawn Morgan, executive owner of the Spirit Room.

Eager to answer any questions a person might have, the staff still remains unobtrusive. After walking in and looking lost I was asked if I had any questions. After telling me a bit about the different rooms, I was left to enjoy the gallery. The staff is unique and diverse as each brings something different to the table. Dawn Morgan, the executive owner, started the Spirit Room with a desire to enable people and to do good. Open to new ideas, the staff takes suggestions for future shows and is willing to work with artists and musicians who want to play or put their art on display.

A show that should not to be missed

While “Play with Proportions” hosts various artists, Mertz’s appeals to all audiences by asking viewers to draw upon their creativity. The displays appeal to all audiences young and old.

Woman taking time to study "Heaps of Hues."

With a continually changing gallery, the Spirit Room appeals to different audiences. When viewing the shows in the Spirit Room, the audience can lay aside their fears of art galleries and feel at ease. Viewers can take a seat when their feet start to hurt and not miss anything the gallery has to offer.


  • 111 Broadway, Fargo N.D.
  • Monday-Saturday, 1-5 p.m.
  • Phone: (701) 237-0230
  • Cost: $0.00

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