Downtown Moorhead DQ’s final day of the season

By: Nicholas Barth
MSUM Print Journalism

Serving the queen

The Moorhead Dairy Queen has been around since 1949. It is not open all year round though. The DQ as it is called closes during the winter months due to the harsh Moorhead winters. Every  year it re-opens on March 1 and no matter what the weather, there are still many people waiting to get their food and beverages.

Moorhead's DQ stays open late in the season for a walk-up restaurant. Photo by Nicholas Barth

Having friendly competition

This year a new Dairy Queen opened in Moorhead, right off Interstate 94 , near the corner of  Eighth Street and 30th Avenue. While it is no longer the only Dairy Queen, the original on Main Street is still the most famous one. It also one of the most famous places in Moorhead as every year, as hundreds of people get their hot dogs and desserts from this one-of-a-kind place. The fact that it does close makes it all the more of a treat to get ice cream when the restaurant is open.

People wait in line to get ice cream while in winter coats. Photo by Sadie Jones

Happy 25th birthday, Blizzard

This year the Blizzard, one of Dairy Queens’s most famous treats celebrates its 25th Birthday. Throughout this year the Blizzard is having 25 different flavors of Blizzards for people to enjoy.

See you next season

Just like baseball the season of the Dairy Queen being open has to come to an end as well. So now as the Moorhead Dairy Queen gets ready to close on another season on Oct. 31, I suggest you get out there and get a Blizzard, and celebrate another season.

Photo by Sadie Jones


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