A Ride Along With Bicycle Rodeo To Studio 222

Studio 222 in downtown Fargo hosted a special show on Oct 2. Bicycle Rodeo, a folk rock band, gave their first live performance together after a year’s break from the local music scene.

The band was formed about a month ago when ex-members of the band Forgotten Voices decided to start playing shows together under a new name. “Forgotten Voices stopped playing in July of 2009 and we had not played since then and now we’ve decided to come back as Bicycle Rodeo” says Roy Haberstick, who plays upright bass for the band.

Lifelong friendship leads to a successful band

“As a band we like to play several genres but you can tag us to folk rock, bluegrass, and country” says Benjamin Mahowald, who sings in the band. The band consists of five members namely, Benjamin Mahowald (vocals, guitar and banjo), Roy Haberstick (bass), Dustin Matte (guitar, mandolin), Madison Karan (violin) and Ryan Worthley (percussion).

Mahowald, Haberstick and Mattke are originally from Huron, S.D. and grew up together. “Our parents were family friends and we were friends growing up, later Ryan saw us playing a show together and we didn’t have a drummer and he later decided to play drums for us” says Mattke, who also plays slide guitar and mandolin in some of their songs.

Karan originally from Alexandria, is an aspiring thespian who also sings and plays with several other bands. Worthley comes from White Bear Lake, Minn.

Creative instruments lead to a unique sound

The band incorporates different stringed instruments to create a wide variety of tones that go together with thoughtful lyrics. The members are multitalented and often include different instruments like banjo, slide guitar and mandolin in their songs.

The show at Studio 222, downtown Fargo was their first act together as Bicycle Rodeo. Dive 95.9, a local F-M radio station, sponsored the event. “This is our second time organizing a show at this venue but we are trying to do it more often” says Kelsey Hedman, a volunteer for the radio station. Del Barber a folk artist from Winnipeg was the headliner for the event.

Musical inspiration comes from everywhere.

The band members share a common love for soccer, riding bicycles and playing at shows in the venues in the region. Musical influences of Credence Clearwater Revival, Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, Willie Nelson, Johny Cash and similar bands from the late ‘60s resonate in their beautiful compositions.

“We are often inspired by our friends and our community and we enjoy playing music together” says Haberstick. The band loves being around with their friends and fans and draws a lot of energy from the crowds that support them at the shows.

A promising future lies ahead

The band is working on a CD that has not been released yet but their songs are available online through Myspace. Mahowald, Haberstick and Mattke are all students from MSUM and Worthley is attending NDSU. This kind of an amalgamation of musicians from colleges around the region is nothing but good news to the thriving music scene in the area.

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