The Dirty Hurlers A Pub Hit

Story by Mark Matsuura.

MSUM Mass comm major.

The Dirty Hurlers played to a typical crowd at the VFW in downtown Fargo on the Friday of Halloween weekend. Packed due to the party atmosphere of the weekend and no cover charge that night, the Hurlers played a humorous and entertaining show. Taking the stage around 10 p.m. the audience was already growing.

Ben and John perform at the VFW during Halloween weekend.

The Crowd Digs The Hurlers

The crowd ranged from your regular college students to older folks all enjoying the live music. With a crowd of 75 or more packed in the small area in front of the stage it was a good showing for the VFW.  Crowd involvement is a big part of the Dirty Hurler’s show, lead singer John Rian would often yell for the onlookers to clap along and be part of the show. Rarely some people would gather enough courage to go and dance right next to the stage for a song or two.

Tyler Hamre plays mandolin during the Dirty Hurlers' most recent live show.

Hurlers Have Humor

The Dirty Hurlers’ humor really shines during their performances, commenting on people in the crowd and entertaining people who approach the stage as they perform. Even firing back a witty comment after, of course, someone was yelling for the band to play free bird from the back. More than once someone from the crowd interacted with John Rian or Ben Revier as they sang during the set, shaking hands or clinking beers. The whole show featured small talk between songs mostly between the two singers John Rian and Ben Revier, often selling their first CD to the crowd.

John Rian sings during the Dirty Hurlers' live performance at the VFW downtown.

Band and Fan Interaction

The sets lasted around an hour each playing from around 10 p.m. until bar close that night. They were the only band playing that night and were featured on many signs around the bar advertising live music all weekend. The few breaks the Dirty Hurlers took you could find them spending time in the crowd talking to friends and anyone who wanted to chat. The band is really accessible to talk to for anyone attending.

The beer and drinking fueled singing, dancing and clapping is nothing new for the VFW. But the Dirty Hurlers, as always, brought their own unique Irish pub band style to the downtown bar and didn’t disappoint.

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