Downtown Is For The Dogs…and Cats

Story and photos by Sarah Bauman
MSUM mass comm major

Downtown is a destination for shoppers, with specialty boutiques and independently owned stores offing unique items.  To some, however, visiting downtown is all about seeing old friends.

But it’s not humans these shoppers come to see.  Three local businesses have attracted a following because of their resident pets.

O’Day Cache, Scan Design and Lena K all have customers regularly coming to visit the pets who come to work every day with their owners.


Chloe sits in her favorite spot at O'Day Cache

Chloe is a nine-year-old Persian-barn cat mix who has made her home in O’Day Cache for over two years.  The family pet of the O’Days, Chloe has become a downtown favorite.  Teresa O’Day, daughter of store owner Cindy O’Day, said many people come in just to visit Chloe.

O'Day Cache is located at 317 N. Broadway, Fargo

Some of those visitors bring gifts for the cat.  Catnip toys, a cat bed and her very own portrait are just a few of the items Chloe has received over the years.  Local artist Rando was commissioned by a customer to create a painting of Chloe.  It rests proudly against the wall next to the cash register.

Visit Rando’s website here

Rando's painting of Chloe

Visit O’Day Cache’s website here


Cosmo is a four-year-old black lab-golden retriever mix who has been coming to Scan Design with Mary Cantrell since she was a puppy.  People are always happy to see Cosmo, said Cantrell, and are disappointed if she’s not there when they stop in.

Scan Design is located at 110 N. Broadway, Fargo

“She has the best mailman,” said Cantrell.  Cosmo gets a treat from the mailman almost every day.

Cosmo loves greeting customers but shies away from people in big hats or dark sunglasses.  She likes to see people’s faces, said Cantrell.

Cosmo patiently waits for a treat

Visit Scan Design’s website here


Oliver is a four-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who spends his days at Lena K with owner Karissa Newby.  Shy and sleepy, Oliver approaches new people carefully but with his tail wagging.  “There’s not a mean bone in his body,” said Newby.

Lena K is located at 408 N. Broadway, Fargo

Everyone loves seeing Oliver, Newby said, and customers and the mailman bring treats for him as well.  If a different person brings the mail, Oliver gets very sad, said Newby.

Customers sometimes invite Oliver into the dressing rooms at Lena K, but he waits outside until the curtain is shut, then sneaks in.  He also loves giving customers kisses, said Newby.

Oliver quietly watches customers shopping

Visit  Lena K’s website here

Pets are always welcome

All three pet owners said customers often bring their own pets into the stores, and very few people have had anything negative to say about the animals.  You wouldn’t find these pets in mall stores, but you wouldn’t find these stores anywhere else, either.  Chloe, Cosmo and Oliver are like mascots, welcoming people to the casual, friendly atmosphere of downtown.


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  1. I LOVED your article. I am animal lover myself. I was able to have my dog at my other location, but as of yet I am only able to have my dog at work in my studio below the boutique. I am hoping that will change as I miss my dog so much while I’m away as does she miss me.
    It was fun to read this article and learn of the positive feeling toward pets in these very UNIQUE shops. I personally feel it adds to charm of shopping downtown!

    Thanks for the article!

    Sherry Bosh
    VAVA On Broadway

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