Moorhead Celebrates Cultures

A commentary

Story and photos by Sarah Bauman
MSUM mass comm major

When thinking of the Fargo-Moorhead area, diversity might not be the first thing that comes to mind.  But last Saturday, the many cultures that call this area home were showcased at Pangea, a cultural celebration that takes place every November at the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead.  Music, dancing, fashions, food and art were featured at the celebration, now in its sixth year.  Pangea takes place the second Saturday of November each year.

Visit the Hjemkomst Center’s website here

Woven bowls from Africa
Ebony nativity set from Tanzania
Carvings and bronze work from Sri Lanka

Traditional clothing impresses the crowd

Standing room only at the fashion show

A fashion show featured traditional clothing from Native American, Indian and Mexican cultures.  The Native American Fancy Dance and Jingle Dress regalia were featured, among others.  The vivid colors, dancing feathers and flowing fringe of the Fancy Dance regalia seemed to beg to be shown off, and the beautiful craftsmanship and detail were stunning.  The Jingle Dress made music with every movement and its shiny fabric appeared to be lit up by stage lights.  I wanted to see these wearable works of art in action.

A dance for every occasion

The traditional Mexican dresses were full and flowing, creating beautiful arcs of fabric when the dancers twirled.  The vibrant colors and lace and embroidery details added to the richness of the material, and the shiny ribbons circling the skirts created swirls of color.

Click to watch Mexican dance

The Indian dances were exciting and exotic.  I enjoyed the way they fused traditional dance and modern music, and the colors of their dress were rich and bold.  I was impressed with the age range of the dancers, all of whom looked so happy to be dancing for the crowd.

Click to watch Indian dance

YOSAKOI, the dance team from MSUM’s Japan Club, also performed several dances.  The music was exciting, and the dances matched the energy of the songs.  The crowd really enjoyed these dances, clapping along with the music.

For information about MSUM’s Japan Club, visit their website here

Click to watch Japanese dance

Each dance told a story through movement and it was fascinating to see the different ways the cultures conveyed emotion.  The unique beauty of each culture was stunning.  I was amazed at the artistry in every garment and movement, and thrilled that the Pangea event takes place every year to let these groups shine.


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