Stay Out Late On Thursdays

Story and photos by Sarah Bauman
MSUM mass comm major

Several downtown businesses are staying open late on Thursdays to accommodate traffic from events like Bras on Broadway and the National Muffler’s Cruisin Broadway.  The Fargo Downtowner promotes the late Thursdays and several of the Thursday events.

The events draw more people downtown at night, but several businesses have said that while they do see more traffic, most of it stays on the sidewalks and not in the stores.

Clubs use space Thursday nights

Minda Ringdahl, kitchen manager at Nichole’s Fine Pastry, said she does notice more customers on Thursday nights, and it’s worth being open later, but there’s not as much traffic as on Friday and Saturday nights.  Ringdahl said groups like book clubs, French clubs and the Red Hat Society use the space Thursdays rather than weekend evenings, and often reserve tables for their meetings.

Visit Nichole’s Fine Pastry’s website here

Regulars stay away

Tina Van Hoecke, assistant manager at Boucle Yarn Studio, said their regular customers tend to stay away on Thursdays because there is less available parking.  They do see more walk-ins, however, from people attending events.  Boucle is open until 9 p.m. on Thursdays and was one of the first stores to stay open later.

Visit Boucle Yarn Studio’s website here

Teresa O’Day, whose mother Cindy owns O’Day Cache, said they notice more traffic on the streets but are generally not very busy Thursdays, but she also said it’s worth being open later.

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For information about the Fargo Downtowner and upcoming events, visit their website here

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