Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something…Green!

Story by Katie Hamness

MSUM Journalism and Graphic Design

The bride bought a dress that can be worn again, guests carpool in hybrid vehicles and are seated in an outdoor garden instead of a big, energy-sucking reception hall.

A “green wedding” or “eco-friendly wedding” is exactly what it sounds like: a wedding where the couple tries to decrease the impact of their event on the planet. Couples plan their weddings by integrating eco-friendly alternatives, such as eco-friendly invitationsflowersdressphotography and more.

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Decorating with simple and recyclable materials will help your wedding be more environmentally friendly. Photo by Sheri Hartwig Photography.

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Going green is a growing trend in the multimillion-dollar wedding industry and businesses are cashing in.

Car companies are offering hybrid limousines, wine companies are helping couples find all-natural vintages and hotels are finding accommodations at places committed to saving water and energy and reducing solid wastes. Caterers are offering pesticide-free menus and fine china and linen napkins instead of throwaway.

Although this trend may be sweeping the United States it doesn’t seem to have fully hit the Fargo-Moorhead area yet. LaNei Groshong, owner and operator of A Grand Affair, a wedding planning business in Fargo, has seen a couple “green weddings” but hasn’t had much demand for them yet.

“We live in a conservative community, so maybe this is why the trend hasn’t reached us yet,” said Groshong.

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Save energy by holding your wedding and reception outdoors during the day. Photo by Sheri Hartwig Photography.

Fargo/Moorhead provides some eco-friendly options for couples in need.

Even if the trend isn’t huge around the Fargo-Moorhead area, wedding planners can still provide some economically friendly options like recycled invitations, programs, thank-you cards or organic flowers. Couples can even replace the wedding favors with fun eco-friendly ideas like giving tiny trees to guests that they can take home and plant.

Melanie Hansen, owner and operator of Dream Weddings By Melanie in Fargo, helps a bride plan and organize her perfect wedding day.

“As for organic and locally grown foods or biodegradable plates and utensils, the couple would need to contact other companies and resources to specifically ask for those items,” said Hansen. “Myself and other wedding planners around the area could help direct a couple to those certain companies.”

Visit the Dream Weddings By Melanie website.

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Using recyclable canning jars as vases is a great way to be environmentally friendly on your big day. Photo by Sheri Hartwig Photography.

Eco-friendly photography helps brides save money, time and the environment.

Couples are even looking at ways to make the photography more eco-friendly and healthier for the environment. Many brides are choosing digital photography over film, and some even go as far as only printing in black and white to save on color ink expenses and pollution.

“With digital photography, the harsh developing chemicals no longer exist and the process is much safer and faster,” said Traci Adamson, photographer and employee at Legacy Photography located in downtown Fargo.

Some couples are deciding to create a photo book of their special day instead of printing numerous individual prints.

“Photo books are great way to help the environment, and they showcase the couple’s wedding day in a very cool and special way,” said Adamson.

“Digital photography is the cheapest, fastest, and most eco-friendly photography around,” said Adamson.

Check out Legacy Photography’s website here.

For more information on creating your own photo book check out

Many couples choose to create one-of-a-kind photo books to remember their wedding day instead of spending money on multiple prints. Photo courtesy of

Some other ways to go green as you’re wearing white that are trendy and relatively cheap are to:

  • Limit travel by having the wedding in the town where most guests live
  • Help arrange car pools
  • Have a daytime wedding outdoors whenever possible
  • Choose recycled paper for invitations and place cards
  • Serve organic, locally grown foods
  • Decorate with organic, locally grown flowers, fruits and vegetables
  • Choose potted plants rather than cut flowers
  • Seek out caterers who recycle materials
  • Use linen and china instead of disposables
  • Use candles
  • Go acoustic for the music
  • Hire a hybrid limo or a horse and buggy
  • Pick digital pictures over film
  • Check out businesses that provide green services.
Many couples use digital black and white photography to save money and cut down on paper waste. Photo by Shawn Coulter Photography. Check out his website at:

“As far as trends for weddings go, they seem to hit the big cities before here,” said Hansen. “It takes awhile for trends to get to the Midwest, but we will have to see what happens. If a bride is looking to be environmentally friendly for her wedding there are some options and ways to plan it in this area.”

“Going green” is becoming a popular trend in all aspects of life. So it’s not surprising to see it sweeping the wedding industry. As for this trend engulfing the Fargo-Moorhead area anytime soon; only time can tell.


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