Despite Freezing Temperatures, Customer’s Line Up For Moorhead Dairy Queen’s Opening

Story, pictures and video by Matthew Liedke

MSUM Journalism

When the temperatures dip below zero in Moorhead, residents usually try to find a place to get hot chocolate. March 1 this all changes when people actually line up for ice cream.

The Moorhead Dairy Queen on Main Avenue has set a tradition of opening on March 1, and this year was no exception. Despite a frigid wind swirling around the building, a constant flow of customers continued all day.  Many people were eager to get what will likely be the first of many blizzards over the coming summer.

For many, this DQ tradition has turned into a kind of holiday.  People came to get cold treats despite today’s low temperature being 12 below zero, and the wind chill pushing nearly 25 below zero.

Customers brave the cold for ice cream at Dairy Queen

According to workers, business picked up immediately after opening. Their first customer arrived only 15 minutes after the ice cream season began.

Interview With Worker

One customer, Angie Heuff, has been coming to Dairy Queen on March 1 as long as she can remember.

Interview With Customer

The Moorhead Dairy Queen has been serving customers in the area since 1949, giving plenty of families the opportunity to make March 1 their own tradition. The humble atmosphere and classic look of the downtown DQ creates a throwback feeling unlike so many others. Many are attracted by the tiny vintage windows where ice cream is constantly handed out.

Cars fill the parking lot as more people come to the DQ

This unique DQ not only has cold treats, but hot food to warm people up in the icy wind.. Moorhead’s Dairy Queen serves a variety of foods such as BBQ sandwiches, polish sausages and chili dogs.

Moorhead’s Dairy Queens has a large selection of menu items and traditions shared within the Fargo-Moorhead community. It appears that March 1 will continue to be a special holiday for ice cream lovers in the city of Moorhead.
For store hours and location of Dairy Queen, go to this address.

(Edited by Rachel Zoerner: MSUM advertising major).


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