Downtown Music Venues Provide Nightlife Entertainment

There is a growing number of singer/songwriters striking a chord with many listeners in the F-M area, and local music venues are tuning in.

I took it upon myself to find Fargo’s top three venue choices to hear local singer/songwriters.

`Can I get a drum roll?’

Coming in at no. 3 is the Fargo VFW club. Typically a spot for cover- bands, the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars club at 202 Broadway occasionally hosts local singer/songwriters. With an open floor plan allowing for an audience in the one hundreds and a drink list that rivals those numbers, this venue is a hidden gem if you’re looking for a place to relax with a pitcher of cold beer and listen to the local artists. Did I mention the pull-tabs? With the losing tabs pulled and thrown to the ground, the floor of the VFW is a minefield of bad-luck gambles. Even so, the venue is just the place for a singer/songwriter to test his or her luck. Hear what local musician Michael Pink has to say about Post 762:

`Wherever you go, there you are’

No. 2 on my list is a venue that has been a staple in the music community, even after a change in location. A haven for artists, musicians and espresso sippers, The Red Raven at 916 Main Ave. in Fargo offers 20-foot ceilings, a variety of hot and cold drinks and an intimate feeling of community and acceptance that only a locally owned coffee shop can offer. The Raven holds an open performance night on the first Thursday of each month and hosts shows of several varieties – perhaps the greatest of these being of the singer/songwriter type. Listen as local musician Morgan Ranstrom describes his experience at The Red Raven:

`Time to get a new perspective’

on my short-list is a venue that you have probably never heard of, located in a hotel that you are very familiar with. The Perspectives Lounge hosts a performance series every Wednesday night on the second floor of the downtown Radisson hotel at 201 Fifth St. North, Fargo. Buzzing with music fans and business travelers alike, the Lounge presents a unique listening experience with a panorama of downtown Fargo, all the while offering great drink specials, delicious food and one of the best feelings of musical community in downtown Fargo.  If you want a place to relax, hear some great musical talent and enjoy some cheap beer, The Perspectives Lounge has its doors open, speakers on and wait-staff ready. Little Winter guitarist, Ryan Weisse, has this to say about performing at The Perspectives Lounge:

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Disagree? What is the best venue in town?

1) The HoDo
2) The Perspectives Lounge
3) The VFW
4) The Nestor
5) The Aquarium
6) The Red Raven
7) The New Direction 

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