Grand Re-opening Offers Activities For All

Shane Maland performs with members of Little Winter and The Season. Photo by Cassandra Maland

Story by Shane Maland

MSUM Journalism

The parking lot at 916 Main Ave. in Fargo was busier than usual on Friday, April 29.

Time to celebrate

It was the start of a big weekend for The Red Raven. Celebrating its grand re-opening, the coffee shop put on quite a show throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For starters, on Friday a plant and seed exchange was held in the courtyard while an 8-bit music show blasted retro-gaming tones through the walls of the re-invented fire station. Day two, Saturday, was for the artists. Do-it-yourself art markets, poetry readings and a variety show to close the night kept the coffee shop grinding through the day.  Closing out the celebratory weekend in style, a cut-throat cribbage tournament on Sunday proved to be the whipped-cream on top of this coffee shop’s great celebration.

Something for everyone

I’m not a cribbage player. I’m also not that great at performing electronic music. I’m much better at dancing to it, but that also isn’t saying much. Have you ever seen an old Turkish grandpa dancing to house music? Look it up.

The day that caught my attention was Saturday. Sara Curry, co-owner of The Red Raven asked me to perform at the Saturday night variety show. How could I say no?

A seasoned veteran

I’ve had my share of shows in town. The Red Raven nearly tops my list of favorite venues, if not overshooting it. It is a beautiful building, and the community feeling between patrons will keep the espresso-fueled scene chugging along for years to come.

That night, I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with fellow MSUM student and local funny-man Adam Quisnell. Have you ever imagined what the offspring of Thor and Jack Black would look like? Meet Adam Quisnell. He would tell you the same thing.

After rousing applause, I was joined on stage by two members of the local favorites Little Winter, Kris Adamson and Ryan Weisse, and by The Season’s drummer, Joel Lunsetter. We had started playing together the morning of, but were lucky enough to work out the kinks before the performance.

Enjoyable place to play

The Raven is an interesting place to play. Located inside a renovated fire station, the nearly unreachable ceilings and narrow corridor of the performance area offers acoustics unlike any other in town.

We played a 45-minute set – long by my standards. The Red Raven will give performers and listeners a musical experience that is hard to find anywhere else in Fargo. And if you’re wondering, all artists and attendees are safely recovered from a three-day caffeine binge and ready to begin the next.

What is your favorite thing about The Red Raven? If I missed something, comment! 

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