Top 5 Restaurants In Downtown Fargo

Story and Photos by Brittany Olafson, online journalism major

In the midst of exploring downtown Fargo’s unique shops one can build an appetite. When this happens, downtown can offer several options. A survey conducted shows the top five most popular restaurants.

Wasabi Sushi & Asian Grill
623 NP Avenue

Watch the chef prepare your cuisine

Wasabi offers both traditional and trendy sushi items. Sit at the bar and watch the chefs prepare your dish or grab a booth with all of your friends and explore the Asian cuisine. The relaxing atmosphere makes it a casual dining experience.

Rhombus Guys
606 Main Avenue

Looking at Rhombus Guys from the street

If you are in the mood for pizza, Rhombus Guys has 34 gourmet pizzas to choose from. The restaurant also provides a wide selection of beer on tap, 20 different kinds of wine, and Coca-Cola products available.

King House Buffet
122 Broadway

Explore the buffet inside King House

King House Buffet is a popular Chinese restaurant downtown that offers several entree choices. Pay at the door, load up your plate and fill up your stomach. Students receive a discount with their student ID.

Spicy Pie
322 N. Broadway

Choose from your favorite slice of pizza, tacos or grinders

This pizza parlor specializes in New York style thin crust pizza. Order the whole pie or just a slice. It also serves grinders, tacos, beer and liquor. This venue is even open late on Fridays and Saturdays to satisfy that midnight snack attack.

115 N. Broadway

Sandwich artists create the sub of your choice

Subway is known for its traditional foot-long or six-inch subs. The prominent food chain features personal pizzas, daily fresh baked cookies that make great snacks. Subway is also open for breakfast.

A one-question survey was conducted amongst 50 people between the ages of 20 and 40. Based on asking random people in the street, at MSUM, and a form of crowd sourcing via Facebook, the sample size was to answer one basic question: Where is your favorite place to eat downtown Fargo? Wasabi Sushi and Asian Grill took first place with eleven votes, and following close behind was Rhombus Guys with nine. Third on the list was King House Buffet with eight votes, and Spicy Pie followed in fourth with seven. The fifth popular place to eat downtown is Subway, which had four votes. The other 18 percent was scattered among Drunken Noodle, JL Beers, Bertrosa’s, and Juano’s.

(Edited by April Knutson, multimedia journalism major)

9 Responses

  1. Doc Mara

    Decent beginning place for a convenience sample. I’m surprised that Subway made the top 5, and that Green Market and HoDo weren’t mentioned. They are both better than any of the one’s mentioned (JL’s is good too). Rhombus guys should be right up there at the top. Also surprised that Nichole’s wasn’t mentioned. It’s a mainstay.

  2. Nikki B

    (big old sigh) Just the other day I was bragging to a friend(you know who you are- wink wink) about how far the Fargo food scene had come over the last few years! I can’t really say it any better than Jen did above—“Subway? Really?” And as Doc pointed out- no Green Market, HoDo, Monte’s, JL Beers, or Nichole’s??? Shame on you Fargo!

  3. Alex V

    I agree i mean the only one that should be up their is Rhombus guys and even thats a maybe. I agree with Green Market, HoDo, Monte’s, JL Beers, and to add a few more there is Passages, and Taste of Italy all of which are better than the list mentioned.

  4. I absolutely agree. I was shocked myself when Subway was in the top 5, being there are several other restaurants downtown that, in my opinion, trump Subway. However, the survey conducted was amongst college students. Being a college student myself, I can relate to choosing good-tasting but reasonably priced restaurants. Had the survey been conducted amongst a different age group, some of the restaurants mentioned above may have been named.

  5. Brea Aamoth

    I agree with 4 of the 5, but Subway?? What about Monte’s, Hotel Donaldson? Yes those are expensive but there’s other places too like First & Deli. Interesting article though, I enjoyed it!

  6. And it could be too that some people have either never eaten at or heard of some of those great places. Perhaps another good story idea would be to conduct a second survey amongst a different age group. It would be interesting to see others’ opinions by choosing a different sample size. Thank you all for your input, and thanks for reading!

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