Eatin’ It Downtown

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Eatin it downtown

Time to cure the hunger pangs
For any craving or any occasion there is a restaurant in downtown Fargo.  When one thinks of doing it downtown in the Fargo-Moorhead area, a decent meal usually rumbles around the old noggin.  With three colleges making their home in the metropolis that is Fargo-Moorhead, there are bound to be some hungry students.  This MSUM student has taken on the task of crossing that hunger bridge to profile some of Fargo’s delectable downtown eateries.


Time to explore the area’s cuisine

The downtown Fargo area is pleasantly seasoned with eating joints that will blow your taste buds away.  There are a plethora of restaurants in downtown Fargo, many within walking distance from each other.  From simple and quint, to hearty, haute cuisine, Fargo-Moorhead is literally and figuratively a smorgasbord of dining selections.

“If you have a particular cuisine in mind, or just searching for a place close to home, you will find what you’re craving, I guarantee it” says John Olson an employee of the great American burger joint that is JL Beers.

Time to take on the task

As a true, American food lover, I wanted to find the places that the people of Fargo love.  I came across a senior at NDSU named Joe Veit.

“Everything, I mean you have anything and everything you could possibly crave in this area at your fingertips” he said.

Hey, I was pleasantly surprised to find all my cravings successfully treated.  Any food for any mood! You feel like stuffing your face?  Hop into King House Buffet where you can go back 17 times and not break the bank.  Craving Italian New York style pizza?  Stumble on in to Spicy Pie  or Rhombus Guy’s where they do pizza like you’ve never seen before.  Looking for that homegrown hamburger?  Look no further than JL Beers.  And for those sushi lovers out there downtown Fargo offers two convenient restaurants located right next to each other in Wasabi and Drunken Noodle.

Whatever the mood, downtown Fargo has the food.

King House Buffet

Time to stamp on my guarnatee

After all the fun I had running around, researching the wonderful dining experiences in the downtown area I realized that the downtown Fargo area has a lot to offer especially for the working-poor college students.  With styles ranging from home cooking to barbeque, steaks to all-you-can-eat buffets, even Mexican, Italian and Asian cravings will all be treated and satisfied.  We’re Fargo.  I happen to know that the people are friendly and the food is delicious.  And that’s something I’ll stamp my guarantee on any day.

Drunken Noodle and Wasabi

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