Old Man Winter Brings Fellow Sledders Together

Story and Photos by Brittany Olafson

Just when we thought Mother Nature wasn’t going to show us winter, a heavy snowfall dropped into Fargo late February and literally took us for a ride.

 Sledding [sled-ing] n. A recreational activity permitting use of a sled for either transportation or entertainment, usually when snow is present.

A little snow never hurts, but a lot of snow can be fun, which is what many folks in the F-M area discovered at Dike West in the early afternoon of Feb. 25. More than 100 people were gathered at this sliding hill, having a ball with one of the first major snowfalls Fargo has seen this year.

Sledders bundle up and gather at Dike West

Tara Mackner, a parent of two sled riders, proudly watched her kids soar down the hill.

“They have sleds here for you and you just turn in your ID. There was a big snow so it’s a lot more fun now,” Mackner chuckles.

People haul their sleds up the dike to slide down

Dike West provides sleds to the public for free with either a photo ID or a $20 deposit that is refunded when the sleds are turned in. It gives people something to do for fun, and is a way to warm up on a cold, snowy day.

Sledders gather at the top and the bottom of Dike West

This snowfall couldn’t have happened at a more convenient time, either. The sledding hill’s dates of operation are from December … to Feb. 25. There’s nothing like closing out the season with one last big day of sledding at Dike West.

Sunday sliding is enjoyed by several Dike West visitors

Craig Hauglie, a former Minnesota resident, was also a part of the festivities that afternoon. “Get your stuff on and get on top of the hill,” he says. “It’s the only hill in North Dakota.”

(Edited by Courtney Ficek, photojournalism major)



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