Downtown Fashion On A Budget

Story and Photos by Brittany Olafson, online journalism major

Perhaps you live paycheck to paycheck. Maybe your bills outweigh your playtime. Maybe you’re just a college student trying to get by, living on dreams and canned pasta. Whatever the case, everyone is entitled to treat him or herself once in a while.

Shopping for clothing can be expensive when you want the perfect outfit. There are ways around emptying your wallet: instead of just buying, try re-buying! Downtown Fargo or Moorhead offers several thrift and discount stores that carry affordable attire. I put together a few outfit selections at three different discount clothing stores to give you a taste of what shopping on a budget has to offer.

The Revolver displays several stylish outfits

The Revolver
627 1st Ave. N


The Revolver has its own originality, allowing shoppers to flashback in time and bring out their vintage styles. Prices are reasonable and the clothing and accessories are suitable for anyone who likes to capture the essence of the ‘70s. Looking for a retro outfit for a memorable night on the town? The Revolver carries men and women’s clothing. Men: Try a pair of khaki dress pants. Layer it up with a red button up long sleeve, followed by a tan sweater vest. Find the funkiest leather jacket in the store, then bring the outfit together with a matching tie. Women: Put on a pair of those recycled cotton pants. Find a long sleeve that compliments the red, waist-hugging jacket. Let the sleeves and shirt bottom flare! Both outfits cost under $70, and you both look fabulous.

This outfit is perfect for you and your date for a night on the town

Dakota Boys Ranch
1001 4th Ave. N

You can also find the perfect outfit at the Dakota Boys Ranch. They offer clothing and accessories for any event. Everything here is donated, but if you dig deep enough, you can find things that have never been used. Maybe you’re looking for a more casual getup to wear out shopping. The Dakota Boys Ranch has several options for men and women, all at a low price. Ladies can try this: Find a pair of white dress pants. Compliment them with a black short sleeve, preferably with ruffles. Liven it up with a colorful scarf hung loosely around the neck. Accessorize with a small casual purse. This outfit will only cost about $30. Man, it feels good to look good!

This outfit can compliment any casual day, including going out shopping or going out for a simple cup of coffee

My Best Friend’s Closet
11 9th Street South

Sometimes you feel like a punk rocker. Not to worry. My Best Friend’s Closet has all kinds of styles for all feelings of fashion. The clothing here is not only stylish, it’s affordable. To capture the “punk” look, here’s an idea: Find a loose-fitting tee (one with a  large face on it will grab attention). Wear with a knee-length leather skirt with zippers. Cover with a black leather jacket. Accessorize with the biggest black purse you can find that has rhinestones or studs. Top it off with a pair of black high-heeled ankle boots. This outfit costs roughly around $60. Rock on, dudes.

Rock this punk look to either a concert, a date with Joan Jett, or just because

These are just a few stores Downtown has to offer. Check out others as well, including The Arc Attic Treasures, 109 Consign, Salvation Army Thrift Store, or the Moorhead Thrift Shop.

(Edited by April Knutson, multimedia journalism major)


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