Personality Types Influence Where People Hangout In Downtown

Personality types influence where people hangout in downtown
Downtown Fargo caters to all personality types with an array of shopping, eating, and drinking destinations. Personality arch types diagnose and lump certain traits in individuals creating a typecast of the four major personalities. The arch types were first proposed by Carl Jung in the 1920’s. Personality affects what people like, how they view themselves, their hobbies and hangouts. Personality types only predict tendencies. Everyone is unique and nobody can be confined to a single description. Here is a test to find your personality type:

The dependable guardians have plenty of options in downtown
Guardians- Guardians are hard working, loyal, dependable and cherish tradition. They communicate on a concrete level meaning they prefer to talk about things that are real like the weather, current events, work, cars and other people. They are also cooperative in nature. They follow rules because the rules are meant to be followed. They tend to trust authority figures and manuals for guidance. Guardians are great help mates as life partners. They make sure the bills get paid, food is on the table, and they see to the proper upkeep of their possessions.

The VFW should appeal to guardians with its celebration of tradition and duty synonymous with military service. Guardians also like to party when their work is complete, so they will accompany their friends downtown for fun and maybe some off color jokes in the right company.

Sporty artisans can explore new down town adventures
Artisans- Artisans are fun loving, impulsive, creative, adventurous, sensory, hedonistic and sporty. They also communicate on a concrete level and love talking about their adventures in hunting, sports, art, driving fast, and going to concerts or parties. They tend to be utilitarian meaning they do what works and not what is right. Unlike Guardians they are more willing to break the rules if it improves the results. Artisans make splendid partners because they are fun, playful and are a constant source of merriment in a relationship.

Downtown should suit artisans with an array of bars, where drinking, dancing and meeting new people are common. Artisans are incurable flirts; this sometimes alienates their mates who feel betrayed or embarrassed by their Artisan’s fascination with new people. They also love adventures and exploring new areas, hitting the newest and most fashionable places. The Old Broadway would appeal to artisans because of dancing and other sources of stimulation. The Skate and Snow will attract dare devil Artisans looking for new equipment for their next adventure in the skate park, on the slopes or at Island Park.

Soulful and earthy Idealists hangouts abound
Idealist- Idealists are imaginative, soulful, enthusiastic and empathic seeking authenticity in themselves. They are abstract in communication meaning they tend to talk about things that cannot be seen like, ideas, concepts and their vivid imaginations. Idealists make great fiction writers, journalists and actors because they are gifted with language and empathize with people. Idealists are cooperative by nature, meaning they tend to do what is right not because authority says so, but because following the rules creates a common bond among people leading to social harmony. Idealists are wonderful soul mates; warm, enthusiastic and caring partners.

Teaberry suits idealists with healthy drinks.

Idealists can and discover their personal authenticity in downtown. Thrift stores like Attic Treasures suit idealists, looking for unique garments. Idealist’s earthiness and imaginativeness suit coffee and tea shops like Tea Berry with their herbal brews and conversational atmosphere. Idealists love language and words, Zandbroz book store is a natural destination for Idealists to stimulate their imaginations, and explore their fascination with language. Idealists also like meeting new people and socialize with great ease among diverse people and cultures.

Rationalist can test their minds in downtown
Rationalists- Rationalists are calm, detached, logical, serious minded and individualistic. They are abstract in communication; Rationalists enjoy talking about ideas, technology, theories and philosophy. Rationalists are utilitarian; they will follow the rules as long they make sense and are logical but disregard rules making no sense or inefficient. Rationalist value logic and individualism within themselves and others. Rationalists make great mind mates; they are intelligent, independent and treat their partners as equals.

Rationalists love collections: comic books, baseball cards, role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, and video games. Paradox Comics in downtown Fargo would appeal to many rationalists. Paradox hosts magic tournaments every Friday night where rationalists can test their newest role playing strategies. Rationalists crave knowledge; a book store like Zandbroz with scientific, technical and mechanical literature will feed the craving.

Regardless of personality downtown Fargo presents something for the sporty artisan, dependable guardian, soulful idealist, and heady rationalist.

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