Visual Tour Of The Fargo Beer Festival

Brittni Larson, MSUM Photojournalism

Sept. 15, 2012

Fargo, N.D. ­­­– Tops were popped at the Fargo Civic Center during its third annual Fargo Beer Festival.

The official website for the Fargo Beer Festival teased the community saying that this year the festival was “back and it’s bigger and better than ever.”

The festival presented samples of 120 styles of beer, more than offered in past years. Not only was there unlimited samples, but also great food available in the outdoor beer garden, and four live bands that kept the place rocking through the evening.

People fill the Fargo Civic Center for the third Annual Fargo Beer Festival.
The exhibition hall fills fast as people wait in line to try the variety of beers offered.

Josh Docken (left) pours a glass of Heineken Light and explains the differences between the other beers offered at the table.

Mikel Wright and The Wrongs keep the crowd moving with their upbeat tunes.
First-time beer fest staff Rhonda Broaten serves Kokanee to the line of festivalgoers. “I’m not sure what to expect because this is my first year,” says Broaten.
Steve Fasching (left) reaches for one of the lagers offered at the table.
Skye Gabel (right) listens to a critique of the beer she is about to taste.
(Foreground): Gabel and Fasching (background) enjoy sampling the unique flavors. “I like that I only pay $24 and sample as much as I want. I hate when I go to the bar and spend five bucks on a new beer and don’t like it,” Fasching said.
Fasching (left) and Matt Stasica (right) discuss the distinct notes in the lager they’ve just tasted. Both Fasching and Stasica brew beer at home and enjoyed tasting the many flavors offered at the beer festival.
The Sierra Nevada booth drew the longest line through the four-hour festival.
Tina Byonke (right) serves several varieties of Summit beer. As the first table inside the center she was kept busy the whole time.

Stephanie Young (left), Benita Kennedy (middle), and Dan Kennedy (right) comment and score the flavor of Leinenkugels available to taste.
Outside the Civic Center the festival offered a beer garden and food catered by One-on-One Professional Catering.
One-on-One serves the hungry mob with courses such as beer-glazed pig roast and beer cheese soup.

Roger Teegarden (left) has been roasting whole pigs for 17 years. Teegarden serves the whole roasted beer-glazed pig that had been roasting all morning.
The festival offers varieties of beer from Corona to Abita Strawberry Harvest.
Jamie Schultz works his second year at the beer festival and prepares a few samples of the beers offered at his table.

Schultz (right) explains the different styles of light lagers he is offering.
Staff members prepare multiple cups of beer for the lines of people waiting.
Josh Berggren critiques the multiple beers he’s sampled.

The Moody River Band performs on the main stage.

The end of the festival brought about bellys full of beer and garbage cans full of empty cups.

This year drew more people than expected, which caused a shortage of plastic sample cups toward the end of the night. Festivalgoers were asked to reuse their sample cups because the vendors actually ran out.

After this year’s festival only one thing is for certain ­– brewers are going to have to try pretty hard to top this years event. To keep updated on the Fargo Beer Festival and to see some of the beers featured this year, visit their Facebook page.


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