Dress Your Man With Used Clothing Stores

Story and photos by KRISTIN KIRTZ

Special thanks to Jesse Trelstad for being my human mannequin.

FARGO, N.D. – Clothes shopping for your man can be expensive.  What if I told you that you could get him three new outfits for under $50?

Now that I caught your attention, let’s go shopping!

Stop at a thrift store first

Thrift stores will usually have the best price for whatever you’re looking for, so I suggest starting there on your shopping adventure.

Kelly Johnson, 25, of Moorhead Minn., finds himself “thrifting” at least once every other week.  He began going to thrift stores to find things he could use to make art projects, but now he also buys furniture and clothing.

“You can find a lot of neat things there” said Johnson. “It’s kind of like treasure hunting.”

Jesse wearing his casual outfit found at the Dakota Boy Ranch

I took Jesse Trelstad, my friend and mannequin for the day, to Dakota Boys Ranch,  1001 Fourth Ave. N.  downtown Fargo.

I was looking for a casual outfit he could wear lounging around the house or something to wear to grab a beer with friends.

We ended up finding a T-shirt for $3, a button-up-long-sleeve-over-shirt for $4 and a pair of comfy jeans for $5. In total, a $12 outfit.

Vintage stores are a must

Revolver is a vintage store in downtown Fargo, 627First Ave. N. Although most of the store is women’s clothing there are a few men’s clothing racks as well.

Lucy Jacobson works at Revolver and loves seeing all the things that come into the store.

An outfit perfect for a day out on the town.

“It’s like only one of a kind,” Jacobson said. “We pretty much don’t have two of anything in this store. Also, I like to see how well things were made back then. Some of this stuff has survived 50 or 60 years.”

At Revolver I wanted to find a shirt that would be comfy and nice looking so Jesse could wear it to classes at Minnesota State University Moorhead . For $20 we found a 1980s vintage flannel button-up.

Consignment stores have lots to offer

Consign 109, formerly at 109 N. Broadway  has a new location at 117 N. Broadway  in downtown Fargo.  The goal at this stop  was to find a dressy outfit Jesse could wear on a date or a job interview.

Jesse with his new dressy outfit. Perfect for a job interview.

We found success with a pair of black pants for $6 and a dress shirt for $8. This left us with a total of $14 for a dress up outfit.

Going shopping at used clothing stores with your guy is a great way to get some needed items and spend some time together without maxing out those credit cards. Now get out there and makeover your man!

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