For The Love Of Beatz: The Rise Of Who Dun It Entertainment

Samantha Rachuy, MSUM Mass Communications

The members of Who Dun It Entertainment pose for a group photo while headlining a show in Atlanta. (Photo by Who Dun It Entertainment)

MOORHEAD, MINN.– Music serves many purposes for residents of the Fargo-Moorhead area. For some, music adds entertainment during work or a night out with friends; for others, music provides an escape from reality. For the members of Who Dun It Entertainment, music represents emotion, passion and dreams.

The question is ‘Who Dun It?’

Cuban Black, executive producer/CEO, formed Who Dun It Entertainment in 2007. At the time, Black’s purpose was to produce new and unique beats in the genres of rap, crunk and hip-hop.

Three years later, Black incorporated his first artist known as Nuceball. Today, Who Dun It Entertainment consists of six artists from different walks of life. The artists are known as Nuceball, Yung Gun, Big Mike, Chorus Joe, Drizzy D and Brody YFF.

“From struggle and strife, all corners of the country … we met up in Minnesota,” said  Black, “creating a sound unique to only us, from beats to lyricism.”

The members of Who Dun It Entertainment are first and foremost performers; however, the group fulfills many other roles within the music industry.

“We promote, perform and manage shows,” said Mike Foerster, aka Big Mike, “We are constantly trying to find new ways to promote ourselves and our music.”

Who Dun It Entertainment focuses on remaining humble during success

The Who Dun It Entertainment group has become quite successful in the F-M area since its origination in 2007.

“We have been the host of many local shows,” said Foerster. “ We have performed with artists such as Lil Scrappy, Yung Joc, and Gorilla Zoe.”

Once success knocks at the door, many performers forget where they came from; however, the members of Who Dun It Entertainment let their struggles from the past drive their success.

“Success is not measured by dollar figures,” said Black. “It’s about how you connect with fans on a personal level. Success comes from those who remember where they came from.”

Even though the artists come from different areas of the nation and have experienced different struggles, the members of Who Dun It Entertainment have one true connection; They share a passion for music. However, the group requires another characteristic in order to become a member.

“When considering anyone to join our group we do look at talent, but we want humble people,” said Foerster, “People that, if and when we make it, are still going to know where they came from. Fame and fortune isn’t going to change them.”

“The members of Who Dun It Entertainment are completely laid back,” said Miro Vukomanovic, a fan of Who Dun It Entertainment. “They’re talented, but easy to talk to and get along with.”

Being humble is not only a characteristic requirement for the group, it’s also a characteristic from whom the group performs alongside.The group aspires to follow the footsteps of respectable artists such as Gorilla Zoe.

“Gorilla Zoe is very down to earth,” said Black. “He is the epitome of what an artist should be.”

 Who Dun It Entertainment looks forward to the future

Fans appear to appreciate Who Dun It Entertainment just as much as Who Dun It Entertainment appreciates its fans.

Fargo-Moorhead music fans are quite familiar with Who Dun It Entertainment, but the group isn’t satisfied quite yet.

“I’m  positive that Who Dun It Entertainment is well known around Fargo-Moorhead,” said Vukomanovic, ” It’s not often that someone doesn’t already know the group, but I make sure to give them a shout out whenever I can just in case.”

The group may be humble and loyal to its hometowns; however, they also see the group becoming known throughout the nation.

“I see our group making it,” said Foerster. “We have all the same goals, dreams and aspirations.”

“We’re going wherever our success leads,” said Black. , “We have the determination. It’s not about money, just a better up bringing than we had.”

With talented artists, a determined management team and big dreams, Who Dun It Entertainment hopes to soon be a household name nationwide.

“We are only getting started,” Black said. “Stay tuned for big things to come.”
Big aspirations include connecting with nationally well-known artists such as Ludicrous, T.I., Timberland, Wiz Kahlifa, and Tech Nine.

“The artists of Who Dun It Entertainment are lyrically talented and some of their songs are defnitely club worthy,” said Vukomanovic. “They’re gonna have connections with big names in the future.”

Only time will tell the future of Who Dun It Entertainment, but in the meantime, the group is more than willing to give advice to fellow aspiring artists.

“Never give up, no matter how many times someone tells you ‘no,’ or how many times you’re unsuccessful,” said Foerster. “Always know there are other ways around any situation. If they aren’t answering their doors, kick ‘em open.”

Check out Who Dun It Entertainment

Who Dun It Entertainment has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, REVERBNATION and YouTube. The sites provide updates on the group’s success and updates on future shows. The pages contain many of the groups work. Check them out.

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