The Journey To Artekta

By: Brittany Thompson, Print Journalism

FARGO, N.D.—From a young age Daryl Bachmeier envisioned becoming an architect. After receiving his bachelors in architecture, and working at a series of architecture jobs his dream has come true—he is the proud owner of Artekta.

Road to becoming an architect

Bachmeier was born and raised in Devils Lake, N.D. After he graduated from high school he left for Fargo to attend North Dakota State University (NDSU). Once he received his degree in architecture he was offered a job at Dumont and Associates back

Bachmeier prepares to red-line drafts in his office at Artekta.

home in Devils Lake. Unfortunately, there was not enough work for him to do; so he began his next venture and left for Macon, Ga., to work at Henry A Corsini Architects.

“A few older NDSU alumni lived down there,” Bachmeier said. “They were looking for someone from the Midwest because they were struggling finding people with good work ethic down there.”

Bachmeier and his wife, Chris, lived in Georgia for seven years, before they made their decision—they decided to move back to the Midwest. While living in Minnesota he held an array of architecture jobs, until he moved to Fargo to work with a local firm, Lightowler Johnson Associates (LJA). Bachmeier worked at LJA for four years, gaining additional experience and meeting his future business partner, Jeffery Morrau.

The reuniting of two old colleagues sparks the idea of Artekta

Bachmeier and Morrau met while working at Lightowler Johnson Associates. After working at the company for several years they both left and went their separate ways—Bachmeier to start his own firm, Bachmeier Architecture, while Morrau went to a different firm. A few years after they left the company Morrau called Bachmeier seeking advice:

The exterior of Atekta.

“Jeff called me one day looking for advice as to how he should start his own business,” Bachmeier said. “We thought ‘Well, rather than starting two separate, competing firms, why not just join forces and work together.’”

“Two heads are better than one,” said Jeffery Morrau, co-owner of Atekta.

That phone called inspired the idea of Artekta.

Looking deeper into Artekta

Artekta is an architectural firm verified by the Veterans Administration, and was established in 2006 by Morrau and Bachmeier. Morrau served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy for 14 years, granting them the privilege to apply for Veterans Administration certification. Having the certification permits a company, such as Artekta, to work on certain projects only given to VA-certified firms.

“We are the only VA-certified architecture firm in North Dakota,” said Morrau.

Together they have combined experience of more than 40 years in the architectural

Interior of Artekta.

profession and a number of years of construction experience, as well.

Artekta has locations at 406 N. Broadway in Fargo and 717 Second Ave. E. in Williston, N.D. The firm employs nine people.

” About seven of us work full time,” said Bachmeier. “Then we have two part-time interns that are actually students at NDSU.”

In Fargo, Artekta has frequently worked with the owner of Buffalo Wild Wings.

“Most recently we have built Buffalo Wild Wings in Brookings and Watertown (South Dakota),” said Bachmeier. “We are in the early stage of planning a third Buffalo Wild Wings in Sioux Falls.”

First Community Credit Union in Wahpeton—Bachmeier’s favorite project.

Artekta is working on a large addition for First Assembly of God Church in Fargo.

Projects in progress at Artekta

  • Williams County Courthouse apartments in Williston: Due to an increase in population brought on by western North Dakota’s oil boom, Williston has more people than places to live. The overpopulated city needs to hire more policemen, firemen and other public servants but there is no available housing for them. To resolve the housing shortage problem new apartments are being built for employees associated with the Williams County Courthouse to live in.
  • Office buildings in Park Rapids, Minn.
  • The HighPointe Office building in Fargo, adjacent to I-94

Bachmeier’s career in architecture is just beginning

Bachmeier’s determination to become an architect has taken him far in his career, but this is only the beginning. Thus far he has built a successful architecture firm and established a following with flourishing businesses in the Midwest.

“He has got a great eye for design,” said Morrau.

Bachmeier has achieved more than he could have imagined throughout his career. He hopes to be remembered as a good husband and father, and an accomplished businessman and architect.


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