Sunday Mornings In Downtown

FARGO, N.D. — From Friday to Saturday night, a flurry of events happens in downtown, but on Sunday, downtown Fargo-Moorhead seems like a town still asleep.

If you look, you can find quiet activities like these downtown on Sunday mornings.

The Red River separates downtown Fargo from downtown Moorhead. The river provides many forms of entertainment.

1.)   Explore city parks and scenic paths

“I live right by the river and love walking by it in the early morning with my iPod. It’s quite relaxing,” Kelly Gemmill said.

Scenic paths near the river provide a great location for a morning walk or jog.

The river seems to draw people who are in the exercise habit. People walk, run, jog, ride bike, rollerblade or skateboard on paths and facilities near the Red River. For skateboarders who want to practice their skills check out Dike West Skatepark at 300 Fourth St. S.

Enjoy the morning air with breakfast overlooking the river or at Island Park.

Island Park, across the street from the Red River, is at 302 Seventh St. S., Fargo. People can enjoy the park’s playground or use its picnic tables for brunch outside.

Walkways in Island Park wind around trees, creating a feeling of appreciation for nature.

2.)   Try out a church service

Since Fargo was “born” in the downtown area many of its largest and oldest churches are in downtown Fargo. For example, First Lutheran Church and St. Mary’s (Catholic) Cathedral have sat since settlement days on opposite sides of the 700 block of Broadway. Services at these churches start at 9 a.m. with a second service at 11 in the morning. These churches offer fellowship events before and after services, and the fellowship features food as well as Bible lessons.

Other downtown churches include Elim Lutheran, Pontoppidan Lutheran, St. Mark’s Lutheran (yes, it’s a Lutheran town), First United Methodist Church and First Presbyterian Church. Some of these churches are more than a century old and the architecture is stunning inside and out.

Newer nondenominational churches have sprung up in Fargo’s transforming downtown including Harvest Community Church and River City Church, 323 Main Ave.

First Lutheran Church is at  619 Broadway with its first service beginning at 9 a.m.
Harvest Community Church is at 608 Main Ave. with a service starting at 10 a.m.

3.)   Find a favorite coffee shop

“My morning routine generally starts out better with a cup of coffee, “ Kayla Bauske said.

Babb’s coffee at 604 Main Ave. opens at 9 Sunday mornings.

In downtown Fargo, several coffee shops are open early Sunday mornings including Babb’s Coffee House, Moxie Java and Atomic Coffee. Try out each atmosphere to see which one is ideal for you.


As you sip on something hot to drink, take a minute to read local news like The Forum, or a student newspaper like The Advocate, produced by Minnesota State University Moorhead students.

4.)   Develop an exercise routine

A runner takes advantage of a e brisk morning in downtown Fargo.

Besides taking advantage of Island Park and the trail system adjacent to the Red River, people can exercise by taking a walk or run alongside historic downtown buildings.

Use the YMCA for exercising if the weather does not permit outside exercise.

The Fercho-YMCA is  a great place to work out with facilities like indoor pools and an indoor track. It is situated at 400 First Ave. S.

5.)   Spend time trying do-it-yourself projects and stress relievers

According to American Physiological Association, 75 percent of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month and nearly half reported that their stress has increased in the past year.

Use Sunday mornings to try a do-it-yourself project like creating a good-looking and functional goal list for the upcoming week. Take a bath with candles or sit down with a good book to relieve stress. Practice cooking or baking skills by trying out new recipes.

Use this Pinterst board for DIY projects and stress relievers to try on Sunday mornings.

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