Cold Weather Chills; Warm Soup Thrills

Becki DeGeest, MSUM, Multimedia Journalism

It’s that time of year again. The cold weather is approaching fast, people are digging out the old winter coats, and forecasts of snow are heading our way.  With this cold weather there is no better way to warm up than a hearty bowl of soup.

When you’re out and about in Fargo-Moorhead in the frigid winter weather and you want an easy, satisfying way to raise your temperature and spirit, check out these places for some of F-M area’s best soup.

Kroll’s Diner – Fargo

Visit Kroll’s diner in Fargo for their famous homeade knoephla soup, which is only $3.50 per bowl.

Kroll’s Diner may be well known for its groovy old-fashion atmosphere, great tasting shakes and outstanding crew, but there is another reason why many people head their way, especially when it comes to soup.

Kroll’s makes a homemade soup listed on the menu as “Our Own Famous Knoephla Soup.” Although Kroll’s only has three soups to offer, they are tip-top when it comes to taste. The diner also makes a homemade chili and homemade soup of the day that changes from regularly

Erberts and Gerberts – Fargo and Moorhead

Though it is a sandwhich company one thing that many know about Erberts and Gerberts is that they make a great bowl of soup and have record setting chili. They’re not just you’re average soups; these are soups packed full of delicious flavors.

With over four locations in Fargo-Moorhead they are easy to find coming from any direction. Now offering three kinds of chili and nine flavors of soup daily, they are sure to have the largest selection of flavors in F-M.

There is something to try for everyone at Erberts and Gerberts and you can go there at least 12 times before you have tried them all.

Erberts and Gerberts offer a wide variety of flavors of soup. Prices of soup and chili range from $2.79 per cup to $3.89 per bowl.
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Flavors of Chili:

Blanco Chicken Chili
Home-style Beef Chili
Fiery Southwest Chili

Flavors of Soup:

Cheddar Cheese and Broccoli
Cheesy Enchilada
Chicken Dumpling
Loaded Baked Potato
Minnesota Wild Rice and Chicken
Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle
Wisconsin Beer Cheese
Smoked Chicken and Sweet Potato
Italian sausage tortellini

Bertrosa’s cafe – Downtown Fargo

Known as the “best little Chicago street food in Fargo,” Bertrosa’s, in the basement of the black building on Broadway makes outstanding soups. They always offer an delicious Beer Cheese soup, that is guaranteed to not only make you warm, but it will make your taste buds erupt in delight. The soup is very flavorful, has a sharp cheese taste with a hint of beer and is worth your time and money if you like beer cheese. The café also offers a soup of the day, which is announced of their Facebook and changes daily.

Bertroa’s in Fargo, serves a well-known beer cheese soup that offers a special kind of taste for all who try it. The cost is $2.79 per cup and a bowl is $3.19.

HoDo Restaurant and Lounge – Downtown Fargo

On a cold winter night, be sure to tickle your taste buds with the lobster bisque at the HoDo in Downtown Fargo. Prices range from $4 to $8 by cup or bowl for soups offered.

It may be a pricier in comparison, but the taste, location and feel is definitely worth the extra expense.The HoDo is a fresh, organic, and sustainable restaurant, so their soups are of course all-natural . They offer a soup of the day, which is always sure to live up to the restaurant’s four-star standards. They also offer exceptional lobster bisque. The lobster bisque is a tasty surprise to those who come to the HoDo. the soup has a good authentic flavor, is creamy, and has just enough lobster flavor, perfect for any seafood lover.

All in all Fargo-Moorhead offers a good tasting variety of soups. If you find yourself wandering out on a cold winter day, be sure to check out one of thesedelicious soup locations.



Where is your favorite spot to have a warm bowl of soup on a cold day?

(Edited by Logan Schrader, MSUM, Integrated Advertising and Public Relations Major)

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