Ten Ways You Know You’re In Downtown Fargo

Sary Switajewski, MSUM English and Mass Communications

There is no place like downtown Fargo. Whether you are there as part of your daily routine or just touring, the downtown area is an interesting place to be.

Taylor Belile loves downtown Fargo.

From its abundance of food and bars to its brick streets surrounding neighborhoods, it is a special place that attracts a special type of resident and visitor. Those who work, live and visit know they’re downtown when…


1. “… you have to take a ‘walking break’ at work to go move your car because of 90-minute parking.” – Marissa Van Vleet, works at the Vinyl Taco on First Avenue

Ninety-minute parking is a necessary burden in downtown Fargo.


2. … a common excuse for why you’re 10 minutes late to work is that you were caught by two trains… and one stopped completely.

I’d put a photo of a train, but there are enough trains to be seen in Fargo.


3. … there is always someone taking a photo of the Fargo sign (occasionally with someone posing underneath).

Marissa Van Vleet, Taylor Belile and Kaitlin McNary pose for the typical downtown photo.


4. “… on Saturday nights, someone wants to get out of a diagonal parking spot in front of you as you drive by and you let them, so you can steal it.” – Nate Privette, lives in downtown Fargo

Nate Privette in the downtown area, near his apartment.


5. “… homeless men sing at you while you walk down the sidewalk.” – Van Vleet

Marissa Van Vleet after a Vinyl Taco shift.

6. … ads for a lot of wine, like Corks & Canvas, litter blocks and blocks of sidewalk. It’s hard not to buy into it when it’s such a good deal (and you get to look at art).

Corks & Canvas showcases Fargoans’ love of art and wine.

 Photo from Prairie Style File


7. “ … you see inebriated college students posing with/on the painted bison in front of Dempsey’s.” – Privette

 We’ve all seen it.


8. … there are new artworks to gaze at in the windows of art galleries, along with the variety of shops with lit up windows  perfect for any window shopper.

Windows in downtown showcase art collections.


9. … the agricultural smell of NDSU wafts right into your nostrils as you walk down the sidewalk.

Being from a non-agricultural area, I will never be used to this smell.


10. … there’s always that one pack of college girls on a cold Friday night walking down the road, without coats, in dresses that look more like shirts.

As cold weather approaches… it will still happen. Midwestern girls will suffer the coldest cold to be cute.




(Edited by Becki DeGeest, MSUM, Multimedia Journalism)

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