Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies

This isn’t your Grandmas Kitchen anymore


When most of us think about a fresh-baked, warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie, we instantly think of our mom or grandma’s cookies.

Now you don’t have to visit mom or grandma to get warm cookies, you can get them delivered — right to your front door.

Sommer Wild, a student at MSUM, recently had Insomnia Cookies in downtown Fargo delivered to her apartment.

“The delivery process is pretty slick,” Wild says. “All you had to do was type in your address and payment information and then you got to select any cookies you wanted.”

When cookies are that easy to order it’s hard to not click a few buttons and have cookies delivered to your home.

Sommer Wild ordering her Insomnia cookies on her smartphone. (Photo by Hailey Wilmer.)

The one downside is that it is expensive with a standard chocolate chip cookie starting at  $1 and 50 cents and orders for delivery must be at least $6. It also takes a while for the cookies to be delivered, resulting in them not being as warm and fresh as they would have been just going to the store, Wild says. They also don’t deliver outside of a three-mile radius, which is disappointing for those who don’t live close to the store.

“I think this is such a fun novelty item and it’s perfect for this town with there being so many colleges,” Wild says.

Even though it’s fun to get cookies delivered to you, it still doesn’t always compare to homemade cookies.

“Some of the cookies you order would be really hard to make at home,” Wild says. “My fiance’s mother makes a darn good cookie and it’s tough to beat how delicious homemade cookies are.”

Sommer Wild breaking apart a S’more cookie from Insomnia Cookies. (Photo by Hailey Wilmer.)

“I wish that this would have been around when I first started college and was living in the dorms,” Wild says.

It’s not only convenient and delicious, it would have helped her get through many long study nights, Wild says.

“I really enjoyed this and I think it’s a gold mine and will help a lot of people get through some long nights or even nurse a hangover the next day,” Wild says.

Sommer Wild opening up her box of Insomnia cookies. (Photo by Hailey Wilmer.)

Another MSUM student, Shelbie Thomsen, has also enjoyed getting her hands on Insomnia cookies. Thomsen went to the store with her friends to satisfy their sweet tooth one evening after hearing about the store opening.

“It’s a really cute and tiny shop that is so different from other places,” Thomsen says. “The cookies were warm and delicious.”

Thomsen believes having a novelty shop just for cookies can be a little different in a good way.

“I think it really plays into the idea of millennials and that we have all these convenient quirky shops that do things like stay open until 3 a.m. or deliver,” Thomsen says.

These cookies aren’t just a tasty treat, Thomsen says, “They are a great way to have a study break and it’s convenient that you don’t even need to leave to get them.”

Shelbie Thomsen, left, enjoys her Insomnia cookies with roommate Emily Moser. (Photo courtesy of Emily Moser.)

Although these cookies may not be coming from grandma’s oven, they are providing a way for many college students to put down the books or have a night in with friends and enjoy a tasty snack that reminds them of home.

(Hailey Wilmer is a multimedia journalism major at MSUM who will graduate this spring. She is a florist at Family Fare floral shop in Moorhead and dance instructor at Red River Dance and Performing Co. She hopes to make her love for writing a career after graduation. Contact her at


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