Coffee In Downtown Fargo

Coffee in Downtown Fargo


Mmm! The one-of-a-kind aroma coffee. Coffee is the savior of students who study all night, people who need a jolt on their way to work and anybody who wants to stay awake past 3 p.m.


Downtown Fargo is home to several small coffee cafés, each with its own style and a key aspect that makes it special and different from the rest.


But which Fargo-Moorhead downtown coffee shops have the best-tasting coffee and best atmosphere?

Babb’s Coffee House

The Seattle themed coffee shop, Babb’s coffee house is located on the corner of Main avenue and Broadway. Photo by Jessica Colby.

Babb’s Coffee House is at the corner of Main Avenue and Broadway.. It looks simple on the outside, but once you enter through its double doors you’re hit by the strong smell of coffee. Inspired by Seattle coffee culture, Babb’s walls feature images from Seattle and a bright sign that says Public Market Center.


Madison Doughty, a student at MSUM, likes to visit Babb’s Coffee House.


“I usually go to Caribou, but sometimes I like to add a little spice,” Doughty said, “It’s nice to get out of the house.”


Catering to students, Babb’s offers student discounts for budget-conscious students trying to finish their homework that’s  due in an hour. Don’t forget about the Wi-Fi (AP) that you can connect to for 120 minutes. If you’re hungry, Babb’s  also offers smoothies, lunch and breakfast bites.


Twenty Below Coffee Co.

Twenty Below Coffee Co. is located at 14 Robert St. in downtown Fargo. Photo courtesy of Twenty Below Facebook page.

The name itself describes the classic North Dakota-Minnesota winter weather. We all try to stay warm, and Twenty Below Coffee Co. does that and more. Twenty Below is located at 14 Robert St. in downtown Fargo. The shop was originally in southern Wisconsin but moved to Fargo , in 2013. Shop owners’ main goal is to help people take a break from the real world, put the phone down and talk to people around them.


Jonas Matzen is an MSUM student who’s been to Twenty Below many times.


“It’s an ideal place for getting homework done, having a date, or hanging out with friends,” said Matzen.


Twenty Below uses the highest- quality coffee available and offers a welcoming environment. In addition to good coffee, Twenty Below sells a variety of fresh bakery goods such as waffles and scones.


Atomic Coffee

Atomic Coffee is located on North Broadway. Photo courtesy of Atomic Coffee Facebook page.

Atomic Coffee is located on North Broadway in the center of downtown Fargo. Atomic is an organic coffee house and offers all manner of  coffee and tea drinks. The shop They also has food and snacks with vegetarian and vegan options. Atomic has set up a wide variety of seating types and rooms, unlike other coffee shops, so if you are a student looking for a great place to study with a group of people, this is your place. The workers are very welcoming when you order your drink and always serve with a smile.


Katherine Budke, an MSUM student is an Atomic Coffee customer.


“I would go there to do homework because there is a lot more space available for seating,” Budke said.


Josie’s Corner Café and Bake Shop

Josie’s Corner is located on the corner of Broadway and Sixth Avenue North. Photo courtesy of Josie’s Corner Facebook page.

Josie’s Corner adds a new flair to tastes from the past. Situated on the corner of Broadway and Sixth Avenue North, Josie’s offers the kind of baked goods grandma and your great-aunts turned out of their kitchens, such as a variety of cookies, bars and sweet breads. It also serves breakfast, soup, panini sandwiches and melts. The baked goods come from recipes passed down from generation to generation in the owner’s family.


But let’s not forget the coffee. Besides all kinds of coffee, you’ll find an espresso bar, cold  beverages and other hot drinks. If you don’t like the fancy coffee, you can get an in-house coffee or grab your coffee to go.


Moxie Java

The downtown Fargo Moxie Java is located on North Broadway. Photo courtesy of Moxie Java Facebook page.

Moxie Java has two locations in the downtown area. The first is on North Broadway in Fargo and the second on Fourth Street South in Moorhead. Moxie Java’s signature drink is the Moxie Milkee Way and it is to die for. If you are not feeling hot coffee, it also offers iced coffee.


For those with a sweet tooths, you’ll find cakes, such as the famous carrot cake, German chocolate cake, caramel apple and almond joy cake. Moxie also make pies and tortes if you are feeling hungry with your coffee.


Believe it or not, Moxie Java also prepares wedding cakes. If you are soon on your way down the aisle, you can get coffee and talk with a one of the bakers about ordering your perfect wedding cake.



Teaberry is in the center of downtown fargo on North Broadway. Photo courtesy of Teaberry Facebook page.

Teaberry is also located on North Broadway in Fargo. College and high school students make up most of its customer traffic. Teaberry’s menu board showcases many specialty coffee drinks made to order. It also has smoothies that are made to order with over 15 flavors to choose from. You can mix and match flavors and, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can add popping bobas, jellies or pearls.


Teaberry also has games available to play while you’re enjoying your coffee or smoothies. Max Lew and Kamrie Siegel are regular customers at Teaberry.


“I highly enjoy the fresh smoothies and having a place to hang out with my friends,” said Siegel.


Jessica Colby is a junior at MSUM majoring in exercise science and multimedia journalism. She is a student-athlete on the MSUM swim and dive team, a dragon ambassador, and wellness educator at MSUM. Contact Jessica at

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