Drekker Brewing Co.

Drekker Brewing Co.

A Downtown Fargo Hotspot Since 2014.


Drekker Brewing Co. opened only a short two years ago, but what it lacks in age it more than makes up for in young and trendy attitude.

Located in downtown Fargo, Drekker Brewing Co. is a popular spot for microbrew fans.

A mainstay of Fargo downtown nightlife since late 2014, Drekker’s finds ways to keep customers happy and coming back for more with its unique atmosphere, events, games and 13 home-brewed beers on tap.

Located on First Avenue, Drekker Brewing Co. sits in the heart of the downtown’s bar scene.

Some of Drekker’s tables are made from odds and ends, like a
high school gym floor, to showcase their unique atmosphere.

The brewery has made a name for itself even among the big dogs of micro brew. Drekker Brewing Co. won the “Best Brewery” award at the eighth-annual Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival in early February 2017. The carnival is Minnesota’s biggest outdoor beer festival held in St. Paul, Minnesota.

 Best brewery was not the only acknowledgment Drekker enjoyed at the winter carnival. Drekker’s own Wheez the Juice was a finalist for the carnival’s best beers. In addition, Drekker beat out larger, more well-known Minnesota breweries like Surly Brewing Co. from Minneapolis.

A glass of Wheez the Juice. Finalist for best beer at Minnesota’s Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival.

In addition to standard brewing techniques, Drekker also likes to get a bit adventurous. The Nightman Cometh is a Russian imperial stout brewed in an aging barrel to give the beer its signature flavor. Weighing in at nearly 10 percent alcohol by volume, The Nightman Cometh packs a punch when compared to other brews on tap.

A Jack Daniels aging barrel being prepped to house The Nightman Cometh.

Krissy Ness tends bar at Drekker and says she loves beer and, therefore, loves her job.
“My favorite part of the job has to be quality control,” said Ness. “That means I get to try all the beers. But mostly I love learning about the beers.”

Krissy Ness makes a perfect pour on a perfect beer.
A perfect pour is an art, taking time and talent and Drekker bartender Krissy Ness is a master.

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