Red River Market

Red River Market

Farmers Market Enriches Fargo-Moorhead Community


The Red River Market will unfold with fresh produce and wares for its third season in downtown Fargo on July 8.

The market will run every Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. through the end of October.

The market provides local growers and vendors a place to sell their goods and gives a place for the community to gather and learn more about what people in our community are growing.

Red River Market. (Photo courtesy Red River Markets Instagram.)

Simone Wai is one of five co-organizers of the market, which started in the summer of 2015. It’s important for the market to be located in the heart of our community and to allow it to support locally owned shops and restaurants, Wai said.

Simone Wai in the pea costume and Joe Burgum in the carrot costume at the Red River Market. (Photo courtesy of Simone Wai.)

The Fargo-Moorhead community has people making handmade goods all year round, Wai said.

The Red River Market brings the community together to provide a place for local growers and entrepreneurs to sell their handmade goods,” Wai said.

Hildebrant’s Farmers Market selling goods at the Red River Market. (Photo courtesy of Red River Markets Facebook page.)

A local market serves many purposes and one of the important ones is that it provides people in the community with the knowledge that they can purchase quality foods and products that are not harmful to people or the environment, Wai said.

“Having a vibrant market strengthens our local food system and economy, and reduces our environmental impact,” Wai said.

The market isn’t just a place to purchase goods, Wai said. It also provides live music, hot coffee, breakfast and lunch options and showcases local beers.

Beets for sale at the Red River Market. (Photo courtesy of Simone Wai.)

“We have seen the farmers’ market become a vital community gathering space over the last two years,” Wai said.

The market gives preference to local vendors because the organizers want the market to be something unique to the Fargo-Moorhead community, Wai said.

Of course, people in the community can get involved by attending the market, and can also volunteer at it.

Fargo-city resident Selah Olgard has had the opportunity to volunteer at the Red River Market.

Selah Olgard (right) with friend Sophie Friesen (left) working at the main table at the market. (Photo courtesy of Selah Olgard.)

“It was really fun to be involved with the market and to help behind the scenes,” Olgard said.

The market brings many different people together in one place to help support local vendors of the community, Olgard said.

“Spending Saturdays at the market is one of the highlights of my summer and fall,” Olgard said. “It’s so much fun and there’s so much to do.”

From left to right: Sophie Friesen, Kallie O’Neill, Haley Heinen and Selah Olgard at the market. (Photo courtesy of Selah Olgard.)

The products that can be purchased at the market are unique and good quality, Olgard said. Knowing exactly what is being put into the food you are buying or any other products makes the purchase more satisfying, Olgard said.

“I’ve bought wild flowers, a plant, produce and other products like lip balm,” Olgard said.

Selah Olgard holds a bouquet of fresh wild flowers purchased from Plain State at the market. (Photo courtesy of Selah Olgard.)

“The Red River Market has provided a fun place for me to spend time with friends and meet new people and experience a lot of what Fargo-Moorhead has to offer with local vendors,” Olgard said.

From left to right: Kallie O’Neil, Sophie Friesen, Haley Heinen and Selah Olgard enjoy a Saturday afternoon at the market. (Photo courtesy of Selah Olgard.)

(Hailey Wilmer is a multimedia journalism major at MSUM who will graduate this spring. She is a florist at Family Fare floral shop in Moorhead and dance instructor at Red River Dance and Performing Co. She hopes to make her love for writing a career after graduation. Contact her at

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