Live Entertainment Downtown

Live Entertainment Downtown


There is no shortage of live entertainment in the Fargo-Moorhead area from live performances, karaoke, concerts, and a nearly every night trivia scene, there is something for just about everyone.

Many bars offer all different kinds of trivia – some test your luck with general knowledge questions and others offer a trivia night pertaining to your favorite television series. You can also find trivia which tests your knowledge on your favorite movie or current pop culture.

Just like the theme, the prizes are also diverse. Trivia winners can receive free drinks, gift cards, food, T-shirts and more. There is such wide variety of trivia nights that almost anyone could find a night that suits their interests or hobbies.

Pounds trivia. Photo courtesy of Pounds Facebook page

Some of the best places to get started with trivia nights are Pounds, J.C. Chumleys, and Wurst Bier Hall. Pounds offers trivia every Tuesday night and has different themes based on the week. Their prizes include drink tokens and gift cards. J.C. Chumleys has a Wednesday night trivia and you can win pizza and drinks. Wurst Bier Hall has their trivia night on Thursdays and you can win gift cards.


a live performance at J.C. Chumleys. Photo courtesy of J.C. Chumleys Facebook page.

For the live music lover, there an abundance of options in the downtown area. J.C. Chumleys in downtown Moorhead is a great option; they have a few different local bands that come to do live performances about once a month.

For the brave souls that like to get up on stage and sing for themselves, Chumleys has the answer for that as well. Every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, they open up their stage for karaoke night, and with a huge list of songs there is something for every performer to sing.

If you’re looking for another place downtown to jam to some live music, try Dempseys – they have two really fun options for music lovers. The first is their stage. They have a pretty wide variety of performers coming through with an even more broad selection of music types.

A live performance at the Aquarium. photo courtesy of Aquarium Facebook page.

If you’re really looking to rock out, try the Aquarium above Dempseys. It is the party lovers dream. The Aquarium has some pretty big names and different types of artists coming through for live shows.

Junkyard Brewing Company. Photo courtesy of Junkyard Brewing Company Facebook page.

If a more laid back atmosphere is your style, try Junkyard Brewing Company. They have a packed calendar with live music performances and entertainers. They have more relaxing selection of music from light rock to country to folk, so grab some friends a pint of your favorite craft beer and a board game and enjoy the show.

For those late night weekend warriors, the Pickled Parrot is the best option for a dance session to a live band. The Parrot is known as the end-of-the-night-party-stop in downtown Fargo. People from all walks of life and all social circles meet up here to celebrate the last few hours before bar close. There is always a live band playing the hits from the 90s and today and the dancefloor does not clear out until the lights come on.

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