Fargo City Hall Rising

Fargo City Hall Rising


The downtown Fargo building boom includes a very important public building: City Hall.


The New Fargo City Hall is projected to be finished in fall 2018. (Photo by Jessica Colby.)

The new 150,000 square-foot building is being built right now in downtown Fargo, and it’ll replace the current Fargo City Hall.  The old building is being replaced because of a leaking roof, poor heating and falling ceilings. Steel and concrete workers have been working throughout the cold winter months creating the frame of the new Fargo City Hall, rising along Second Avenue South.


The new City Hall will be ready for occupancy in fall 2018.


The building will have five stories, including a basement for employee underground parking.

The city of Fargo modified its original plans for the new Fargo City Hall. (Photo courtesy of city of Fargo.)


Floor One


Buildings and Grounds


Commission Chambers



Floor Two


Human Resources




Floor Three

Commission Offices


Information Services

Employee Training room.


Floor Four

Mechanical space

Room for future expansion.


T.L. Stroh Architect is the mastermind behind the $23 million project. The general contractor is Olaf Anderson; mechanical contractor is Robert Gibb and Sons; and the electrical contractor is Sun Electric.


David Mogck is part of the design team of the new building and said there were some minor changes to the first layout plan of the building.


“We had to rearrange the departments and where they would be located,” said Mogck. He said the departments with more public contact moved to the lower level and the departments with less contacts, moved to the higher levels in the building.


The groundbreaking ceremony for the new City Hall took place Aug. 22.


At the groundbreaking event, Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney talked about what the new facility means for Fargo citizens and city employees.


“The new facility undoubtedly will emphasize the importance of security and safety,” said Mahoney, “It integrates energy efficiency, the structure adequately addresses the needs of our employees going into the years and it takes account into the future growth of Fargo.”


The layout of Fargo City Hall will allow future expansion. (Photo courtesy of city of Fargo.)


Windows will allow natural light to shine through the building, and individual break rooms will be situated within each department.


Electronic entry mechanisms will control the doors of the City Hall and extensive video surveillance will surround the building. The building will also include occupancy sensors that will turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms.


You can access the live stream of the City hall being built here.



Jessica Colby is a junior at MSUM majoring in exercise science and multimedia journalism. She is a student-athlete on the MSUM swim and dive team, a Dragon ambassador, and wellness educator at MSUM. Contact Jessica at colbyje@mnstate.edu.


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