Moorhead’s Haunted Hall

Moorhead’s Haunted Hall

Exploring the Legend Behind MSUM’s Oldest Building


There’s a ghost roaming one of Minnesota State University Moorhead’s buildings.


Some believe MSUM’s oldest building (built in 1915) is haunted by a ghost that primarily hangs around its auditorium.

Weld Hall, built in 1915. (

According to legend, the ghost that roams Weld Hall is that of a construction worker who died while working on the building. The apparent cause of death is the man fell from a ladder, rooftop, or spiral staircase.

Several accounts of the story claim to have seen a legless, ghostly spirit dancing on the stage of Glasrud Auditorium.

Glasrud Auditorium: the setting of alleged sightings of the Weld ghost. ( has a submission by someone named “Sarah,” which describes an experience of sorts in Weld Hall, calling it one of the creepiest places she’s ever been.

In her submission, Sarah said while they were in Glasrud Auditorium they felt like they were being watched. After exiting Weld, Sarah explained they experienced a feeling of something being behind them and suddenly leaving.

“I don’t think it’s a dancing ghost, but I do believe there is something there,” Sarah says.

Current MSUM student Martin Schlegel can relate to the creepy history surrounding Weld Hall, having spent time in the building for classes.

“The air in Weld feels heavier than anywhere else on campus,” Schlegel says. “There’s an old smell to it as well. I’ve had classes during the day and night on the ‘0’ floor, and there is definitely a different feeling being there at night. I always got a feeling like I was being followed.”

Schlegel has similar feelings to Sarah about Glasrud Auditorium, describing it as, “creepy as hell.”

The building does look rather creepy. (

In 2004, a paranormal expert was summoned by the Campus Activities Board to MSUM to analyze Weld Hall for any ghostly activity.

Ghost hunter Ross Allison. (

Ross Allison, founder of the Amateur Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma, explored Glasrud Auditorium, the sight of alleged ghost sightings.

Allison walked throughout the auditorium with a handheld electromagnetic field detector to find signs of changes in energy.

He didn’t find much, but detected a possible concentration of energy on the stage of Weld’s auditorium.

John Miller is a communication studies major and sports communications minor at MSUM. He currently works as the sports editor at MSUM’s student newspaper, the Advocate, and as a sports clerk at the Fargo Forum. He aspires to write professionally about the NBA. Contact him at

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  1. Mimi

    In 2000, I worked nights as a campus security officer at MSUM. We had to walk through all the buildings to make sure everything was secure. I never got the heebie jeebies in Weld but Lommen was very creepy. Very creaky floors and the doors were a huge pain to lock and unlock. Grier was the worst though. 2 way mirrors everywhere.

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