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Midnight Riders Need a Driver

Designated drivers can be hired



You went out for a drink after work or class and only expected to stay for “one.”  But everyone was having so much fun, the time and number of drinks got away from you.

Now you’re “buzzed” or even outright inebriated and no one planned for a designated driver.  

So what can you do?

DON’T DRIVE DRUNK.  It’s not worth the chance of an accident or getting stopped for a DWI.

Did you know you can hire the services of a designated driver to get you and your car home safely?

Here’s how it works

You call the service to pick you up at the bar and the service arrives with two drivers to take you and your car home for a small fee. It’s usually a flat rate depending on the time or area of coverage.

Clients must have proof of insurance. Check with your insurance company to make sure you’re covered in case a hired designated driver has an accident while driving your car. Giving the designated driver permission to operate your vehicle is no different from allowing a friend to borrow your car. 

Designated driver services

Here are the names and contact information for some of the designated driver services in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area.

Over the Limit

Photo courtesy of Over the Limit


8 p.m. to 3 a.m. daily




Rates and Service Areas:

$20 Fargo and West Fargo

$25 Moorhead

$30 Surrounding areas of Dilworth, Harwood, Horace and Mapleton


$2 per mile for out of these areas


Cash and credit cards accepted

Sober Drive

Photo courtesy of Sober Drive


8 p.m. to closing daily




Rates and Service Area:

$20 from 8 p.m. to midnight

$25 after midnight to closing

Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo and Dilworth.


If you have to make extra stops it is an extra $5-$10.

If you need to be picked up/dropped off outside of the area it’ll be an additional $1 per mile out of town.


Sober Drive does NOT accept credit cards. It prefers cash but will accept checks if cash isn’t available, or they can make a stop at an ATM along the way.

Helpful Tips and Things needed to know for your best Sober Drive Experience.

  • You must have a vehicle, Sober Drive cannot give cab rides.
  • It doesn’t hurt to inform Sober Drive when you call if you have a manual shift vehicle. Someone from each team will know how to drive one, but some are better than others. That way the company can send the best driver for your car.
  • Sober Drive doesn’t accept reservations. The best thing to do is to call ahead of time to see how busy it is.
  • Most of its drivers don’t have GPS, so “backseat driving” is encouraged.
  • If you have to cancel your ride, please call and let Sober Drive know. Drivers understand the wait time can be long on weekends and won’t be upset if you choose to cancel.
  • Most of all have fun. Drivers love to chat with their customers.

Sober Kitty

Photo courtesy of Sober Kitty


8 p.m. to 2 a.m. – Monday through Saturday (Closed Sunday)

Closed for national holidays or because of dangerous weather and road conditions.




Sober Kitty has been in business as a designated driver service since 2013 and it will take you and your car home after a night on the town.

Reservations are welcomed.

Rates and Service Areas:

$20 anywhere within city limits

Extra stops and surrounding fees apply.

Call for more details on rates.


Sober Patrol

Photo courtesy of Sober Patrol



Sunday 7 p.m. to Midnight – Monday through Saturday 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.


218-298-4080 or 701-200-3394




Rates and Service Area:

$25 in Fargo, West-Fargo and Moorhead.

If you’re outside the tri-city area, please ask the dispatcher about rates.


If you think you might need an extra stop, please let the dispatcher know that when you call for a ride. Extra stops are $5 each per stop on the way to your home, and $10 per stop if it is out of the way.

Sober Patrol will go as far as you need them to go. The rate for long runs (for example to Detroit Lakes) would be $2 per mile one way from your pick-up location to your drop-off location, plus any additional stops. All Sober Patrol asks is that you call several hours beforehand and make a reservation because having an unexpected run far outside Fargo-Moorhead would leave them a team short in the tri-city area. Information you provide can help dispatchers plan accordingly.


It accepts cash & credit/debit cards. For card charges, their drivers use a PayPal app via their cell phones. There is also a $2 fee in addition to the initial charge. They can text or email a receipt to you at the time of the charge. Simply ask your driver to do so.

It does not allow anyone to ride in its chase vehicle cars. It is not licensed or insured to do so. It is not a taxi cab company. Offering larger amounts of money for those types of services will not be accepted by any of its team members.

Sober Patrol is insured and licensed to operate in Minnesota and North Dakota and is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau.


Frequently Asked Questions

You’re driving me home, can I bring my drink with me?

No. It’s illegal and still considered an open alcohol container in your automobile. If you are discovered to have it with you while the driver is enroute to your home with you, the ride will immediately terminate and law enforcement will be notified.

My car seats 5, but now I have 6 including the driver! Can someone ride on another person’s lap? Or can someone ride in your car?

Everyone must have his or her own seat belt in the vehicle. Nobody is allowed to ride in the chase car because the business isn’t licensed or insured to allow that.

Remember: Be safe. Not sorry. A few dollars could save lives and the costs associated with a DWI.                                

(Marijo Vik is a 72-year-old senior at MSUM who hopes to graduate in May with a multimedia journalism major. MSUM will award a degree posthumously if she ends up in the ground before a gown. She has been a reporter for the Twin Valley Times, Twin Valley, Minnesota, since 2009 and will use her education to be a better reporter and editor. Contact her at vikma@mnstate.edu.)




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